Ruff Mix Monday: Happy Holidays!!!

WHOA WHOA WHOA!  It’s been said a thousand times already and will be undoubtably said again, “Where did this year go?”; I can’t say for sure but I def had some good ass times though.  Have updated the Podcasts and Releases sections to be up to date (finally!) and have a few other odds and ends to post up today so enjoy.

Big Willie Dynamite – Cannonball Rally Video

That brand NEW-NEW from the homie Marc Stretch and his new group Big Willie Dynamite from their new album Joes vs. Pros which you can preview on their bandcamp HERE.



I have two mixes that are a bit dated but I have been HECKKKA busy this year so you get a recycle of two great holidays mixes I have done in the past, might still pull out a last minute mix like a rabbit from my hat, but it looks doubtful…BOOOOO (yes, yes I know)!



Blue Sky Black Death – Euphoric Tape II

The Seattle/Bay Area duo is back at it again after the release of their new album Glaciers on Fake Four Inc.  All instrumentals that have been or intended to be rapped on, so emcees get to beat jacking!

Sixo & LEIF[kolt] – Rocker John Video

Not a new track as this was on the ‘Free Floating Rationales’ album, but the video is news to me.  I LOVE THIS SONG and now it part of a Free Sixo & Leif[kolt] EP called ‘Absent Bodied’ as part of Fake Four Free Fridays which is a new Free release on the FFI Bandcamp every Friday in December.

Whuttup Wednesday!

Returning back to the fallow field of this blog after a healthy break; whaddaya whaddaya.  naw’mean?   I got some really great items today for you from Computer Jay, Blue Sky Black Death, Grayskul, F. Virtue and other whatnots. Let’s get into it shall we?

Computer Jay “Hardships” (feat. Orfeo)

Brand new Computer Jay from his 2nd in the “Savage Planet” series (available on 10″ soon, cop #1 HERE) after being the tour DJ for Pharcyde and Shafiq Husayn for many years, Jay has branched out into his own steeze building Moogodore 2600 keyboard (part Comodore 64, part Moog, part Atari 2600) for his live shows and just being all around futuristic.  Had a chance to chop it up with him at SXSW this year at the Exploded Drawing party and I gotta say he was a real good dude.  Check “Hardships” on MTVU HERE as well and help Jay get into the freshmen rotation!

Computer Jay FB, Computer Jay Twitter

Grayskul “Maggot”

A totally simplistic video for a pretty hectic song done in conjunction with the Lights and A Backdrop series on YouTube.  As expected after many moons off from Grayskul, Onry and JFK come out swinging for this one.

Grayskul – Face & The Fang digital single

Newest sonic offering from Grayskul with their new album “Zenith” out 9/17 on Fake Four Inc.  A true 12′ format with Edit, Album and Inst!  If you of the wanting to own it type check iTunes and Amazon

Grayskul FB, Grayskul Twitter

Blue Sky Black Death – “II” feat. Child Actor

Hot off the griddle from the Bay Area producer duo and if this is any indication of the rest of the album; WOW Glaciers should be banger times ten…pretty amped for it.  Glaciers is out on 10/1 on Fake Four Inc.


Child Actor FB, Child Actor Twitter

F. Vitue – We Are Not The Shame

Fresh off his “Trill Cunningham” EP with BBAS producer J57, F. Virtue gives you an INCREDIBLY thoughtful album that say some much that needs to be said in hip-hop today.  Not just standard ‘stop the violence’ or ‘bring it back the the roots’ but actual real stances and addressing issues that are important to him and should be important to you too.  Peep the Anita Bryant video and you’ll see what I mean…

F. Virtue FB, F. Virtue Twitter

OH Yeah, did I mention I have a new podcast up on Rapreviews?  Peep game here…

Subways & Sidewalks #17

Moodie Black – Hipster Death

Run The Jewels – Banana (feat. Big Boi)

Adian Coker – Gaza 


The Stuyvesants – Sunshine

Homeboy Sandman – First of a Living Breed

Factor – Stone Cold (feat. Open Mike Eagle)


Computer Jay – Analog Catastrophe

Grayskul – Face & The Fang

Brzowski + HALO – Harbinger


F. Virture – Anita Bryant

Toussaint Morrison – After School Alter Ego

Consulate General – The Consulate General


Rabbi Darkside – Good Pop Music (feat. Core Rhythm)

Wiley – Flying (Bass Mix)


Ruff Mix Mondays!

Holy snap!  New studio is up and running, functionally at least, so here’s a hot off the griddle podcast.

Subways & Sidewalks #15 Grand Re-Opening Edition

S&S Grand ReOpening Cover

Comes out tomorrow on where you can stream it or download it; shouts to DJ Flash for getting this up there and dealing with me being a crazy person…

Download S&S 15

Stream S&S 15 on Mixcloud

Playlist for Subways & Sidewalks #15

Factor – Alive Tomorrow ft. NOMAD (From Woke Up Alone out July 23)

Thelonius Tut – Get Hi ft. Calest (

Blue Sky Black Death & SAS – Valley of Kings ft. Cam’ron & P.A.P.I. (

Sadistik – Kill the King ft. Decon the Villian (From Flowers For My Father)

Aesop Rock – Harbor is Yours (HALO Remix)

Botzy – Thrill is Gone ft. Justyn Dow (From Buck Fotzy out July 11)

Blue Sky Black Death & Dinero Farrar – This is It ft. Child Actor (From Cliff of Death)

PremRock & Willie Green – Jogger ft. Open Mike Eagle (HALO Remix)

Bisco Smith & Bq:Ram – Picture Perfect (From Atlantic Sky)

Bisco Smith & Bq:Ram – Searching ft. Milly (From Atlantic Sky)

Sadistik – Russian Roulette ft. Cage & Yes Alexander (From Flowers For My Father)

JnaturaL – Push Away ft. Eligh (From Bad Woman Rising out June 9)

Sister Crayon – Cynic (From Cynic EP)

Willie Green – Fasho Fasho! ft. PremRock (From We Live In The Future)

Foreign Legion – Roommate Joint (From Playtight)

Fake Four FREE Friday!

Basic CMYK

Got a gang of new stuffs from the Fake Four fam for you Friday enjoyment.  These dudes just keep making hits…

Factor – Woke Up Alone Album Trailer

The official trailer teaser for the the new album from Saskatoon super producer Factor.  Album drops July 23rd, so mark your calendars, it’s looking like a banger.  Along with the video check this track out off the album as well featuring Nomad.  Enjoy!

Ceschi – Work Song (ft. Baracuda, NGAFSH & Child Actor)

New heat from the helmsman of Fake Four!  Produced by Child Actor…WHA???!!!  Yeah, this is happening.

Sister Crayon – Cynic Video

If you haven’t seen this video yet, you have missed some cinematic genius…

Record Store Day!


Today is a special day, nope not because it’s April 20th, but because it is a recognized holiday about supporting your local music outlet.  Not, make sure you buy something on iTunes to support the industry, but go to an actual physical shop and pick up a copy of something you know or a special Record Store Day item you could take a chance on.  Either way, it’s just important to get out and support your local music shops as these places have been dwindling in past years as they become institutional relics from when you used to get your music advice from an actual person (usually the kid with funny hair who seemed so different from you, but always knew exactly what you wanted) rather than an algorithm based on search terms.   I am not saying the system we have is not great and it’s pretty incredible that your library can follow you everywhere now with cloud and streaming services, but there is still nothing like taking time to dig through, preview, purchase a piece of music (I recommend not celebrating today’s other holiday while shopping as you can come home with bizarre choices that sounded so great in the store and once home are lack luster at best, TRUST ME) and be excited to listen to it in it’s entirety upon arriving home.  Maybe music has just always been a huge part of my life and always will be, but there is something about the process of selection and the payoff of an amazing album front to back that you just can’t get from the comfort of your own home or digital terminal of choice.  DSPs and brick and mortar stores are not at odds with one an other, but pieces of the same whole that both need their due.  So today please give some love to you local shop, pick up something interesting and rare/exclusive, then go home download the hot jam you heard in the car on the way to the store.

Sadistik is giving away copies of Flowers For My Father

You heard me right; free?  Yes free!  You can get up to 5 copies sent to you for just paying the shipping on them…pretty good deal right?  I thought so too.  For more info visit his site HERE and peep this video he did to describe the reason behind all this free music.  Enjoy!

Ruff Mix Monday is Back!!!

Hey Hey!!!  So I recently turned the ‘Jesus Year’ as well as the mysterious Rolling Rock number so I thought I’d give you two great shows I have done recently on WPKN for my show Six Feet Deep as well as a few pieces of random debris you might be interested in…let’s ‘go in’ as the young’uns say.


Six Feet Deep Ft. Ceschi Ramos


The Head Honcho at Fake Four Inc. and homie Ceschi Ramos decided to make the trip from New Haven to Bridgeport and have some fun times and general broadcast mayhem to help celebrate my date of birth this year…you can stream the show through the archive HERE, or download by clicking the link above.  Enjoy!!!

Six Feet Deep ft. Serena Andrews


Another banger of a show and this time I am co-helmed by my recent homie and ahhhmazing singer, song writer, electronic producer and all around cool chick…Serena Andrews.  Check the show and see why we got so many calls in…stream from the WPKN archive HERE or click the link above to download. Jeah!


Random Debris…

Some stuff I think you should know about and [hopefully] will LOVE, say word.

Scion A/V Moombahton EP


Just download it, you’ll be happy you did…

Scion A/V Poolside EP


Donky Kong Jr. – The Bloody Path

FREE Friday the 13th!!!

YO YO!!!  So it’s Friday the 13th and I am breaking out all the JAMS for you today…FREE!  But you must do one thing; stay away from premarital teen sex and spooky abandoned summer camps…savvy?  Good.

Method Man and Bigstat 2AM Marriott Cypher

The CT homie Big Stat has been a fixture in CT for a long time from his group H.U.S.H.H to his solo career the man has been steadily on his grizzly and this video is a testament to that.  He has been homies with Meth and Ghost for a while now having toured with them in the US and been on some really big shows as a result, but still manages to stay humble and keep all in perspective…wish I could do the same!  Also peep the mixtape Don’t Quit Your Day Job hosted by Redman…bangin!

Child Actor EP!

Child Actor is the collusion of producer Max Heath & uber amazing songstress Sedgie Ogilvy who have a record coming out on Fake Four Inc. later this year as well, but until then peep the pay-what-you-like EP on their Bandcamp page or just use the handy dandy embed above to check it.  Also peep the video below…insane!!!  You’re welcome…

Danny Brown

A new Danny Brown single brought to you by the fine folks at Scion A/V, they have been consistantly killin’ it recently with the FREE music…thanks guys, but I probably won’t by your cars.  Just being honest…