DJ Videos!

Hey Hey! I have been throwing a free dance party event in Durham, NC called Fresh Fruit since June and have been making some quick mix DJ videos to help promote it and thought I would share with you along with a more battle/hip-hop oriented video as well. Enjoy!


battle / open format quick mix


I have another event coming up on Friday Dec 20th, click the flyer below for the FB invite and to RSVP.

Fresh Fruit Dec 20


FREE Friday the 13th!!!

YO YO!!!  So it’s Friday the 13th and I am breaking out all the JAMS for you today…FREE!  But you must do one thing; stay away from premarital teen sex and spooky abandoned summer camps…savvy?  Good.

Method Man and Bigstat 2AM Marriott Cypher

The CT homie Big Stat has been a fixture in CT for a long time from his group H.U.S.H.H to his solo career the man has been steadily on his grizzly and this video is a testament to that.  He has been homies with Meth and Ghost for a while now having toured with them in the US and been on some really big shows as a result, but still manages to stay humble and keep all in perspective…wish I could do the same!  Also peep the mixtape Don’t Quit Your Day Job hosted by Redman…bangin!

Child Actor EP!

Child Actor is the collusion of producer Max Heath & uber amazing songstress Sedgie Ogilvy who have a record coming out on Fake Four Inc. later this year as well, but until then peep the pay-what-you-like EP on their Bandcamp page or just use the handy dandy embed above to check it.  Also peep the video below…insane!!!  You’re welcome…

Danny Brown

A new Danny Brown single brought to you by the fine folks at Scion A/V, they have been consistantly killin’ it recently with the FREE music…thanks guys, but I probably won’t by your cars.  Just being honest…


What’s GOOD Friday!

Hiyoooo!!!  So it’s Good Friday (aren’t they all good?  It’s the freakin weeken bout to have me some fun…) and I thought I drop some knowledge on you from my man Astronautalis who’s new record This Is Our Science swept the country like wild fire this fall and continues to do so now.  Had a chance to catch up with the homie after a recent show at UNH, check it and see how it goes down…

Astronautalis Interview 3.24.12

Sat down with the homie Andy after his UNH show and talked about the album, college diplomas and what they mean, the live band set and stuff (no really we do talk about Stuff).  Click the photo above or the link HERE to DL a zip with the interview, cover art, and two of my favorite Astronautalis tracks…you can thank me later.  While you’re at it you can peep the interview I did with him waaaayyyyy back in 2006 HERE…Enjoy!

Astronautalis ft. Tegan – Contrails 

Let’s not forget what this weekend is all about though, this guy died for our sins and such so we can get tasty treats in a fake grass basket and search for brightly colored eggs…


Freakout Friday!

TGIF and such!  It’s been a good week here at the Halodoesntsuck labs, much work completed and fun times were had by all.  So I have for you this Friday some brand new tracks to kick that weekend off correct as well as some goodies to help you waste time before the bell rings and you slide down that dinosaur to your car…

Reform Party

This is a brand new band project featuring Saskatoon Canada homie Kay the Aquanaut, whose most recent album ‘Waterloo’ (Circle Into Square) was a banger, is offering 3 new tracks for download in conjunction with!  These tracks are quite dopesauce, I am noticing a trend with projects this guy is involved with…preview and DL tracks individually below or grab the whole 3 song zip at

Reform Party – Wikileaks

Reform Party – Eros

Reform Party – Thirty Nine

DJ Halo Doesn’t Suck Now Up On Bandcamp!

YUP, I finally got off my duff and put this mix up on my bandcamp; so now you can DL it track my track or just grab the whole thing…peep the link HERE and Enjoy!  More releases coming soon!!!

New Track from Awol One and Ecid

To celebrate the ‘Tomorrows Astronaut Tour’ the homies Awol One and Ecid got together and put a track together…take a listen to how nice the play with eachother…


Friday Treats!!!

Holy schnikies on a bicycle!!!  The weekend is here, ALREADY…wow.  So I have a few treats for you today mostly in form of site organization, so get your No. 2 pencils out and take note.

I have now created pages to archive all of my previous studio releases, mixes and beats…the pages are as follows


This page has all my studio releases to date, available for FREE download.  Get yourself a copy now!!!


An archive of all the mixes I have posted here and just stuff I have done that was either Digital Only release or a demo

Jeep Beat Music Productions

Archive of my beats and production projects to date, some good, some bad, some ugly…all HALO

Interview!!!  DJ ESE of Embedded/Def Jux

So waaaaaay back in the day I was really intouch with all the embedded camp when they were coming out with stuff, supporting their releases and all that jazz.  Soooo when it came time to fundraise for the station I put in a few calls and had the entire Embedded camp (ESE, Loer Velocity, Bisco Smith, Baje One, Cool Calm Pete, Doc Strange) out and this is the often interrupted interview that transpired to talk about ESE’s new release at that time ‘Side Two’.  Take a listen,  it’s hilarious and studies have shown hilarity will make your day 17% more productive….To download click the cover art below or the link HERE…

That does it for me until…maaaaybe Sunday night???  Will be posting the promo Mix I did for HOLLLA!!!  next week in my mixes section as well as all the other usual crude I post.  Have a swell weekend and if you are in NYC tonight come out to Karma Lounge for Loud Pipes (DJ Anubus Upstairs) & HOLLLA!!!! (DJ Halo Downstairs), late night happy hour, good music, smoking indoors…ALL FOR FREE!!!  Plus the first 25 heads in the downstairs get a FREE promo CD I did just for this occasion.