FREE Mixes

This is the archive of mixes (strictly digital releases and demos) some will have track listings, some won’t.  All dope…in places at least. To Download click (right or otherwise) the cover art or title to the mix and let your computer do the rest.

Eminent Domaine DnB Hale.London Radio April 2022

Got a bunch of new DnB tunes and was so excited I just had to make an Eminent Domaine show mix right away for Hale.London radio with them. Enjoy!

Back2BackFM 3.19.2020

My most recent mix for Back2BackFM, a special mix of ALL Drum & Bass and Jungle music mixed in my studio bunker while in Quarantine from COVID-19

Back2BackFM 2.21.2020

A mix for my show UK radio show on Back2BackFM that combines parts of my Heart & Soul mix with what I am calling “post-lovers” music.

Lounge and Electro Demo (2018)

Demo I made for a place in Durham, NC. Didn’t get a call back, but I enjoyed making it so here it is taking up space on my soundcloud page.

HALOween Session Mix (2018)

Brand new session mix I did while previewing some new mixes for an upcoming Halloween gig. Didn’t plan on doing a HALOween mix this year, but here we are. Click the cover art to listen on mixcloud.

Doomsday Roadshow Trap / Hip-Hop Mix (2017)

Mix I did to prepare for a set at the infamous Wormhole Wednesday’s at New Parish in Oakland and used as part of promotional materials for a tour I booked in Europe the same year.

COLD (2012)

A mix I made around Christmas of 2012, just some good winter vibe music chok-a-blok with chilly cocoa type feelings…sit by a fire and let it rip.  Click the cover to download

BrokenHEART Boombox (2011)

My first release for 2011, just back from Europe and feeling the crunch of the Hallmark Holiday, so I threw together some songs that made me think of love and loss and other emo type stuff…it’s a decent mix for a once over.  Click the cover to download.

4 thoughts on “FREE Mixes

    1. Oh dang! Been a minute since I thought of that place, damn I miss it. Thanks for peeping the junk, should be a whole new level of stuff popping up by Xmas time.

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