Tuesday is Recycling Day and I Looooove Recycling!!!

Whut the F is the deal!!!  So this week is my last week in academia for a while and thank god, oye I never thought one class could take sooo much time up!  Frankly I can’t believe I have a previous degree at all…the world is funny like that right?  So not too big of a day here in the halodoesntsuck studios; will be adding more content to the Mixes and Jeep Beat Productions pages, adding some interviews later in the week, updating my show archive pages and more whatknots as they appear…before I get into Artist of The Week, I just want to share a song that is AAAAAAmazing, it’s a remix by Switch of Florence & The Machine’s ‘Raise it Up’ and I have been OBSESSED with it as of late (listening to it right now as a matter of fact…it’s just that good).

Now that you have successfully rocked out to the maxxx, let’s get on with the show…Artist of The Week this week is (drumroll pleeeeasee) Invisible Bullies!!! Peep game below and as always BIG SHOUTS to Adam’s World Blog for the content jack…

I first met Idris Tate of Invisible Bullies back in 2007 when he was drumming for Rue Melo and they, along with the rest of the band, were on tour with Lyrics Born. We hung out a couple times after shows and stayed in touch. A few months ago he told me he had just finished up his own project, under the name Invisible Bullies, with bass player Doug Gild. The album, Westworld Volume 1, is a decidedly hip-hop effort, and this week I caught up with the southern California native to find out more about the project, how long it had been in the works, and his reaction when he found out Rue was moving back to France.  For full article check Adam’s World Blog…

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