Interview Thursday!!!

Whattup, Whattup!!!  So I have updated all the pages except my show archive pages which will get done for the weekend fo’ sho’…Been making alot of remixes lately as well, so be on the looks for a stellar Ruff Mix Monday this coming week.  Awww Snap!!!  So on tap today is two interviews I got a waaaaays back in my radio career; DJ Dust of Mars Ill and Prevail of Swollen Members…Enjoy!!!

DJ DUST (of Mars ILL)

I got this interview waaay back on 2006 when they were releasing the album ‘Pro Pain’ (fantaaaastic record btw) includes co host Adam B of Adam’s World Blog and conversations about everything from the Atlanta hip-hop scene to midget pit fighting…good fun for the whole family if you ask me (shut up I know you didn’t ask me…Monkey!!!  Attacka Da Face!!!)  Click the link or cover art above to download…

Prevail (of Swollen Memebers)

I got this interview on their tour bus before the Harper’s Ferry date in Boston back in 2007, when I happened to be up there that week for a librarian convention (maaaan those librarians are wild once you get some drinks in them…no lie, stoooorieeesss) that same week.  We chatted about the new album (Black Magic), the recent death of J Dilla, and more!!!  Click the link or cover art above to download…

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