Friday Treat!!!

Yaaarrrr!!!  What is good?  Yes…sunshine is good, so is kittens…damn I didn’t expect sooo many actual answers.  It’s just a figure of speech…So I have a round up of some stuff to keep you going for the weekend until this week’s Ruff Mix Monday (which is gonna BANG btw!!!).  So check the run down….have a great weekend aaaand if you are in the NYC area, don’t forget to check HOLLA!!! (downstairs @ Karma Lounge NYC) tonight 10p-4a with special late night happy hour $3 Pints 12-1 (word!).

La Roux – Going in for the Kill (Skream Remix)

Foreign Beggars – Get a Bit More (Skism Rmx)

These tracks are just some dub-steppy joints I have been feeling lately, I think I will start posting more videos as there is just sooo much good stuff out there….Enjoy!!!

Up next on the docket is two albums brought to you by the maniacs at; one is the newest release by them and the other some how slipped under my radar (I dunno how, cause it’s Super Rocking & or Kick Ass…).  Btw these album are all available for FREE (yes FREE) download from the mothership site, which you can get to by clicking the album art below….Enjoy!!!

The Flaming Clipse Produced by Domer

Have you ever wondered what Flaming Lips backing the the raw rap stylings of The Clipse would sound like???  Well wonder no more!!!  Biggup to the homie Domer for pulling off a really incredible Mash-up album!!!

Domer – Underbelly

A glitchy instrumental album of just really cool music!!!  Take a listen and tell me it doesn’t rock like cocaine and baking soda (not that that combination rocks in the ‘this is awesome’ sense…well maybe for some…OK I’m getting sidetracked with semantics here)!!!

AAANNND last but certainly not least is an essay from the good peoples @ Adam’s World Blog about the myth of the ‘golden era’ of hip-hop (commonly referred to as the time spanning ’89-’94) which should shed a little light on the phrase ‘hindsight is always 20/20’.  Really informative and thoughtful piece here, that is sure to enrich your life (once again!!! with all this enriching why should you go anywhere else???).  Peep Game…

The other day I was having an in-depth discussion with a group of people regarding arts and entertainment and one prevailing conclusion that we all came to regarding “the good old days” of anything, whether entertainment related or not, is that reminiscing is almost always done through rose colored glasses. In other words, everything looks better in the rearview mirror. With this in mind I started thinking about the supposed Golden Era, or Golden Age, of hip-hop. The conclusion I came to is that regardless of what years one has falling under that distinction, The Golden Era, as we consider it now, is more of a myth than a reality.  For full article check Adam’s World Blog or click the link HERE….

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