Official Releases

Here are all the releases I have that actually were printed to CD, sold and/or freely distributed.  All are looooong out of print until I find some weird cache of CDs in a bag I have not touched in 3-4 years, so until that time enjoy the FREE digital copies here.

Collected Remixes (Self Released 2013)

Some old one, mostly new in the last year though, remixes that are some fro friends and most are just uncleared acappellas that I remixed for fun so please don’t sue my ass over this…Enjoy!  Click on the album art or title above to go to the bandcamp and preview.

Remixes Cover

1. HW – Oldtown Remix 03:38
2. Esh The Monolith – Hip-Hop Ruined My Life Remix 03:20
3. Aesop Rock – Harbor Is Yours Remix03:40
4. Kay The Aquanaut – Kill You (feat Sole) Remix 05:23
5. Bronstibock – The Edge Remix 04:10
6. PremRock & Willie Green – Jogger (feat Open Mike Eagle) Remix 05:58
7. Domer – Mellow Me Remix 04:32
8. Data Romance – Streetlight Remix04:24
9. Despot – Look Alive Remix 04:04
10. Iron Lyon – Spiralin’ (feat Vordul Mega) Remix 04:55
11. Eyenine – Wasted Remix 03:41
12. DJ Shadow – Scale It Back (feat Little Dragon) Remix 05:41
13. JR & PH7 – Bow Down (feat Evidence) Remix 04:44
14. Acid Reign – Creme De La Blowed (feat Project Blowed OGs) Remix 05:58
15. Eyenine – Deteriorating Remix 03:54

DJ HALO DOESN’T SUCK (MINDSpray Records 2008)

The release that started it all!!!  MINDSpray ALLLLL EFFFF-ing Daaayyy on this one, dang those were good times…To Download, click the album cover or the link HERE…

DJHDS cover
Halo Intro
I Think Halo’s Retarded
Squint (Grump)
Spu-Ki (Ghost Track)
Empty Suit Case (BrokenDomer)
Red Sky (LEFTist C.O.N.C.E.P.T.)
Crying In The Office (Domer)
Stay Focused (C.O.N.C.E.P.T. Featuring brokeMC, Creature, Tableek)
Sentence RMX (brokeMC)
Cyborg B-Boy (LEFTist Featuring euphAmism)
Take Steps (brokeMC Featuring Bisc1)
The Witness (MINDSpray)
Evolution (brokeMC Featuring Domer, Bisc1)
Deep Shit (Grump)
Freestyle Raleigh NC (Propaganda, The Crazy E, Dyalekt, C.O.N.C.E.P.T.-Flute, Ghost Track-Base, Ramirez-Drums, Halo-Cuts)
Paid To Party (The Crazy E)
Tashi (Native Sun)
FeelDaConsequence RMX (C.O.N.C.E.P.T.)
Endless Possibilities (euphAmism)
Freestyle 89.5 Wvof Subways And Sidewalks (C.O.N.C.E.P.T. VS DJ Halo)
Dance (Dyalekt)
You’re On To Me (Domer)
People’s History (LEFTist)
Warrior Stomp (Propaganda)
Build (LEFTist C.O.N.C.E.P.T. Featuring euphAmism)
F*Ck Bush Anthem (The Crazy E)
What’s Inside (MINDSpray)

Heart & Soul (MINDSpray/PSI-Deweys 2008)

The Peoples Favorite!!!  Time and Time again I have people ask me about this mix, “YO! That mix with the beige cover was awesome. Was that you?” indeed it was, indeed it was.  A smooth mix of all things underground hip-hip with a few choice variations celebrating the heartbreak of love (yeah, yeah…real freakin’ emotional, I know).

To Download, click the album cover or link HERE…

DJ Halo Intro
Wax Tailor – Our Dance
Eyedea and Abilities – Glass
Herbaliser – Close Your Eyes
Tricky – The Aftermath
Astronautalis – Oceanwalk (Remix)
Non-Prophets – The Cure
Blue Scholars – No Rest For The Weary
Hot Karl – I’ve Heard
Tori Amos – Crucify
Mars Ill – The Alpha
Astronautalis – My Dinner With Andy
Bisc1 – Decompression
Rjd2 – Sell The World
Apathy – Chemical
Sage Francis – Crumble
Domer – Crying In The Office
Blue Sky Black Death – Days Are Years
De La Soul – Hey Love
Nicolay – Let It Shine
Atmosphere – God Loves Ugly
Living Legends – Never Fall Down
I Self Divine – Love Song
Mars Ill – Loves Not
Aesop Rock – Daylight
Cage – Shoot Frank (Instrumental)
P.O.S. – De La Souls
Oh No – Cold Coffee
Felt – Woman Tonight
Buck 65 – Diamonds
Ceschi – Frank Purpose
Atmosphere – Always Coming Home To You

My Favorite Mixtape (domermakesbeats 2008)

This is just classic material.  Tons of collabos and great beats…plus me totally wrecking all their hard work on the 1’s and 2’s. Could it get any better???  Maybe if another DJ mixed it…To Download, click the album cover below or the link HERE…

01 – Intro (f Dyalekt)
02 – Ready (MyFavEP Blend)
03 – Back in the Day (f Dom Coyote)
04 – Breakin All The Rules (f Ill Spokinn, Dyalekt)
05 – Cherubs (MyFavEP Blend)
06 – Visiting (f brokeMC)
07 – Reaction
08 – Down With Everyone (MyFavEP Blend)
09 – I Got Myself (f Roken Is Dodelijk)
10 – Prophesy (f Haiku, Bisc1, brokeMC)
11 – Tele Tele Vision (f Swordplay)
12 – Deja Vu (f Haiku)
13 – Out Of Minds (f C.O.N.C.E.P.T., Dyalekt, brokeMC)
14 – Parties (MyFavEP Blend)
15 – Raining Sweat (remix blends)
16 – Move Out (f Kats)
17 – Light a Fire
18 – One Word (MyFavEP Blend)
19 – Ignore Me


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