FREE Friday the 13th!!!

YO YO!!!  So it’s Friday the 13th and I am breaking out all the JAMS for you today…FREE!  But you must do one thing; stay away from premarital teen sex and spooky abandoned summer camps…savvy?  Good.

Method Man and Bigstat 2AM Marriott Cypher

The CT homie Big Stat has been a fixture in CT for a long time from his group H.U.S.H.H to his solo career the man has been steadily on his grizzly and this video is a testament to that.  He has been homies with Meth and Ghost for a while now having toured with them in the US and been on some really big shows as a result, but still manages to stay humble and keep all in perspective…wish I could do the same!  Also peep the mixtape Don’t Quit Your Day Job hosted by Redman…bangin!

Child Actor EP!

Child Actor is the collusion of producer Max Heath & uber amazing songstress Sedgie Ogilvy who have a record coming out on Fake Four Inc. later this year as well, but until then peep the pay-what-you-like EP on their Bandcamp page or just use the handy dandy embed above to check it.  Also peep the video below…insane!!!  You’re welcome…

Danny Brown

A new Danny Brown single brought to you by the fine folks at Scion A/V, they have been consistantly killin’ it recently with the FREE music…thanks guys, but I probably won’t by your cars.  Just being honest…


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