DJ Videos!

Hey Hey! I have been throwing a free dance party event in Durham, NC called Fresh Fruit since June and have been making some quick mix DJ videos to help promote it and thought I would share with you along with a more battle/hip-hop oriented video as well. Enjoy!


battle / open format quick mix


I have another event coming up on Friday Dec 20th, click the flyer below for the FB invite and to RSVP.

Fresh Fruit Dec 20


What’s GOOD Friday!

Hiyoooo!!!  So it’s Good Friday (aren’t they all good?  It’s the freakin weeken bout to have me some fun…) and I thought I drop some knowledge on you from my man Astronautalis who’s new record This Is Our Science swept the country like wild fire this fall and continues to do so now.  Had a chance to catch up with the homie after a recent show at UNH, check it and see how it goes down…

Astronautalis Interview 3.24.12

Sat down with the homie Andy after his UNH show and talked about the album, college diplomas and what they mean, the live band set and stuff (no really we do talk about Stuff).  Click the photo above or the link HERE to DL a zip with the interview, cover art, and two of my favorite Astronautalis tracks…you can thank me later.  While you’re at it you can peep the interview I did with him waaaayyyyy back in 2006 HERE…Enjoy!

Astronautalis ft. Tegan – Contrails 

Let’s not forget what this weekend is all about though, this guy died for our sins and such so we can get tasty treats in a fake grass basket and search for brightly colored eggs…


Thursday = Boston?

I have been slacking this week with posts…my apologies fo’ reel. There is RETARDED amounts of projects I am wrapping soon…Interveiws fo’ daaaaayyys!!! Stay tuned! I am excited for the future…and you should be too…

My psychopathic doppleganger is back at it again

Say Word!!! New Dexter season premiered tonight and it’s a banger…ahhh yeeeaaahhh! Here’s some links to peep that shit if you want to catch up on the thrillz, chillz and killz…WTF! How did this turn into a blog about TV??? Damn I gotta be more productive…aiight new mixes and podcasts coming this week. Who knew TV could be soooooooo motivational?

Dexter Episodes