Wuddup Wednesday!

Hump day is upon us!  Let's get through it...together Willie Green - Fasho Fasho! (Remix) ft. PremRock, Zilla Rocca & Mad Dukez New remix from NYC producer Willie Green remixing, himself.  The original is from the album We Live In The Future and for the remix he brought along NYC cohort PremRock (also on original … Continue reading Wuddup Wednesday!

What’s GOOD Friday!

Hiyoooo!!!  So it's Good Friday (aren't they all good?  It's the freakin weeken bout to have me some fun...) and I thought I drop some knowledge on you from my man Astronautalis who's new record This Is Our Science swept the country like wild fire this fall and continues to do so now.  Had a … Continue reading What’s GOOD Friday!

Ruff Mix Monday Baton Rouge Edition

Hoooolllleerrr!!!  So I am down in Baton Rouge, LA with the homie HW enroute to SXSW where we will be performing tomorrow at the Indie 512 Music Showcase and I will be rocking at the Fake Four Showcase the next day, both @ 512 Rooftop in Austin, TX.  Peep the flyers for how incredible these … Continue reading Ruff Mix Monday Baton Rouge Edition

Ruff Mix Monday is Baaaack!

Hey Hey!  I just have a couple of items for you on this post Super Bowl Monday; you're prolly just getting around to not feeling so hungover now, so it's about time for some good music to brighten your day...A HALO produced video and new Bassnectar Mixtape! HALO Bellydance Compilation A compilation video I made of my partner in crime … Continue reading Ruff Mix Monday is Baaaack!

Whuttup Wednesday!

Holler@Your.Boy!!!  Another hump day is upon us and I am excited...why you say?  I have two dope tracks from the homie Donky Kong Jr.  and some hilarious shorts to re-run from the comedy group STELLA (had a show on comedy central, members of The State cast).  Ohhh yes, it's that kinda day... New Tracks For … Continue reading Whuttup Wednesday!

Ruff Mix Monday!

Hey Hey!  So I was away in CA for a bit and 'off the grid' for a while but am back and badder than ever with some great new stuff to kick your week off right...right you say?  Yes, right...not YEaaahh Riiiight. Sheen Bros 'It's So Hot' ft. Greg Nice This week's edition has a … Continue reading Ruff Mix Monday!

Ruff Mix Mondays!!!! Valentine’s Edition…

YOOOOOO!!!!  So today is the Hallmark Holiday that makes single peeps feel awful and lonely and puts undue pressure on those in relationships to have a special time...PRETTY SWEET!!!  So like I did last year, I put together a mix of songs that are for the most part anti-valentine's.  Mostly because love is a such … Continue reading Ruff Mix Mondays!!!! Valentine’s Edition…

My psychopathic doppleganger is back at it again

Say Word!!! New Dexter season premiered tonight and it's a banger...ahhh yeeeaaahhh! Here's some links to peep that shit if you want to catch up on the thrillz, chillz and killz...WTF! How did this turn into a blog about TV??? Damn I gotta be more productive...aiight new mixes and podcasts coming this week. Who knew … Continue reading My psychopathic doppleganger is back at it again