Euro Tour!

Quick note on my phone from the road on the Boltcutters To Beyond tour w/Browski & Monsieur Sai + Arth? to let you know I'm on tour in Europe till 1/27; figure that's a cool thing to let you know about, right? BOLTCUTTERS TO INFINITY TOUR Jan. 14- Rennes Jan. 15-LeMans Fri. 1/16- … Continue reading Euro Tour!

Ruff Mix Mondays: Spooky Sunburn Edition!

Lots of cool things crackin' at the back end of the month so take a look, you won't be pissed you did... SPOOKY SUNBURN TOUR W/BRZOWSKI! As noted on both fliers we'll be all over the left coast for about 10 days, catch us if you can!  Here's a list of them in non-flyer form... … Continue reading Ruff Mix Mondays: Spooky Sunburn Edition!

Tuesday is Recycling Day…and I loooove recycling; MEGA edition!!!

Hollllyyyy Cowwwww!!!!  It has been a more than a minute since I Jacked content from the homie Adam's World Blog...I dunno what I have really been up to, buuuuut it hasn't been very productive I'll tell you that much.  So now is my attempt to get up-to-date and turn this year around for you before … Continue reading Tuesday is Recycling Day…and I loooove recycling; MEGA edition!!!

Cotdamn that was FUNNNNN!!!

YOOOOO!!!  Just Dropped Noah and Brzo to their respective public transit destinations and am posted up in Starbucks in Boston waiting for my Homie Maestro1ton of Agari Crew before I head back to NYC to Rock my Saturday residency @ Karma Lounge.  I have had THE MOST fun in the past 4 days that I … Continue reading Cotdamn that was FUNNNNN!!!

Whuttup Wednesday; Tour Edition!!!

Hey Hey!!!  Coming at you live from Starbucks in Portland ME (Ohh how I hate them in real life, but LOVE their internet on tour) for the first date of the Zero Gravity Hip-Hop Mini-Tour.  Looking forward to meeting tons of new peeps, having fun, destroying stages and hopefully selling some GODDAMN CDs.  Well, now … Continue reading Whuttup Wednesday; Tour Edition!!!

Ruff Mix Mondays; Podcast Edition!!!

Sup Foool!!!  I hope your weekend was super fantasticalicious...Mine???  Eh...This week's Ruff mix is an early peek at the new Subways & Sidewalks that will be going up @ tomorrow!!!  Say word for leaked stuff... Click on the tracklisting cover above or HERE, to download...But what if I just want to listen to it … Continue reading Ruff Mix Mondays; Podcast Edition!!!

Whuttup Wednesday; Recylcing Edition!!!

Hey, Hey!!!  So it is about a million and 2 degrees outside the frosty AC of the Halodoesntsuck studios and I am not feeling it AT ALL...can't it be winter already, at least fall???  Lots of cool stuff coming up soon; Tour with Noah 23 & Brzowski, Rocking at Live @ 5, a few mixes … Continue reading Whuttup Wednesday; Recylcing Edition!!!