Tuesday is Recycling Day…and I loooove recycling; MEGA edition!!!

Hollllyyyy Cowwwww!!!!  It has been a more than a minute since I Jacked content from the homie Adam’s World Blog…I dunno what I have really been up to, buuuuut it hasn’t been very productive I’ll tell you that much.  So now is my attempt to get up-to-date and turn this year around for you before it’s too late.  ohhh, word???  Already too late, hmmm…well, let’s see what we can see then eh?  So I have a MEGA, MEGA Artist of the Week update which encompasses all the Artists of the Week thus far in 2011 (yeah, totally nuts but hey that’s me) as well as my first Subways & Sidewalks Podcast of 2011 ft. the man, the myth, the legend…Boston’s own Wispers.  So buckle up and get serious, this is Hip-Hop (for the most part) we are talking about…you won’t catch me acting funny at a show. Unless of course you are on drugs, then I might appear slightly hilarious, you know, in a sad clown kinda way.  MANNNN do I love blogging!!!



Since TopR and Foul Mouth Jerk work and tour as a team, it only makes sense that I follow up last week’s Foul Mouth Jerk feature with an interview with TopR. An emcee who describes his music as “feel good music for fucked up people,” TopR spent most of his formative years in the Bay Area. He moved out of his parents house at 15 and has now spent the better part of half of his life touring. Heavily influenced by hip-hop, punk rock, and graffiti art, TopR says “my musical influences have always been strongly anti-establishment, which helped shape my world view from a young age.” This week I sat down with TopR to find out more about his views, his music, and how he came to have a plethora of knowledge regarding everyone’s favorite celebrity religion, Scientology.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…



The Northeast oftentimes gets looked over by the hip-hop community. Thinking the only things past Massachusetts are ski lodges and a Poland Spring factory, many hip-hop heads miss out on a lot of talented artists. One of those talented Northeasterners is Brzowski. Originally drawn to music by Black Sabbath at the age of 12, Brzowski is currently making quite the name for himself with his mic skills. He just released a collaborative effort, Brzowski+Moshe Like Woe Remixes, last week, he’ll be touring Europe in April, and he’ll be releasing his next album, A Fitful Sleep later this year. This week I caught up with Brzowski to find out more about his music, where his unique perspective comes from, and how a Canadian girl nearly sent him, and everyone he was on tour with, to jail.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…



Downtempo and hip-hop have always had an interesting relationship. Not technically brother and sister, but perhaps distant cousins, the two just seem to get along well. Many hip-hop fans count even themselves as downtempo fans, as well. This is why it wasn’t completely surprising when Happ G told me about the latest KRU release, Murai’s Tozai, and how it’s a downtempo album that also features some hip-hop artists. Their sound is really dope and this week I caught up with the Murai duo of Greg and Yui to get the full scoop on how their connection is more than just musical, in what ways they’ve personally seen music overcome a language barrier, and why they decided to combine downtempo with hip-hop.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…



When Karma Response Unit Records was launched in 2000 it was done so with 40th Dimension as one of the lead artists. The duo made up of Happ G and Scandal made some noise for KRU in the early years and continues to today. Scandal has also been making noise with his numerous guest appearances on other KRU releases. From his verse on Happ G’s “Nothing No Nada” to the 16 he spit on last week’s Artist Of The Week Murai’s “Another Day,” Scandal has been making sure he’s getting in everybody’s ears. This week I caught up with the Philly flame spitter to find out why we’ve been hearing so much from him recently, what it was like growing up in one of the most musical cities in America, and the one thing his lips are sealed about.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…



As longtime readers of this site know, I love when artists recommend other artists to me. Usually it’s an emcee or producer telling me about another emcee or producer they’re working with. When it comes to Solrac, however, he was originally brought to my attention by singer/songwriter Jim Wolf. Wondering what a man focused on his guitar could have in mind when it comes to hip-hop? Well, that’s where the beauty of the universality of music comes in. Good musicians usually know good music, and both Wolf and Solrac qualify as such. Currently, Solrac is preparing for the February 14th release of Himself’s album, Feel Like a Star, which he produced entirely, and this week I caught up with him to find out about his career as a producer and emcee, why he made the move from Connecticut to California, and what advice he has for up and coming producers.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…



In September of 2009 I featured J.Monopoly as an Artist Of The Week. Since then, the group he’s a member of, O.I.S.D. (Operation Industry Shut Down), has made great strides, becoming one of the premier groups in NYC’s underground hip-hop scene. Realizing that I’d only featured one of the five members of O.I.S.D. as an Artist Of The Week, I decided to right that, which is why I want to welcome you to O.I.S.D.uary. For the entire month of February all of my Artists Of The Week will be members of O.I.S.D., and in a break from the way I normally do things here, I’m asking them all the same questions so everyone can see how truly unique each of them are as individuals. First up to bat is J.O., who, interestingly, was the last member to join the group.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…



It’s officially week two of O.I.S.D.uary, where I’m featuring a different member of O.I.S.D. (Operation Industry Shut Down), New York City’s most explosive group of up and coming emcees, every week for the entire month. I’m asking each artist the same questions so everyone can see how truly unique each emcee is as individuals within the group. They all rock shows collectively, but this week E.Y.E.Q, aka JohnNY Storm, takes center stage as he discusses the formation of the O.I.S.D., how the unexpected can be beautiful, and what he thought might happen to him, or more precisely, for him, at a Comic-Con.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…


Khid 2Che

I hope everyone has been enjoying getting to know the emcees of Operation Industry Shut Down during this very special monthlong series of interviews. This week O.I.S.D.uary continues with Khid 2Che. In addition to revealing a little bit of his background, Khid 2Che discusses what he feels makes O.I.S.D. such a great team, why you’ll never mistake him for Drake, and what Sisqo has to do with his album collection.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…


WOE (speaking of, be on the looks for my remixes of Brzowski’s ‘Like Woe’ coming very soon!!!) that was alot of artists to take in.  You Ok???  Need a breather???  Here, sit down and let me pour you some water…you’re sweating…now, you good???  Ok check this last jammy…

Subways & Sidewalks #9 ft. Wispers

Hiyoooo!!!  Spanking (yes, ladies…spanking) new S&S podcast for 2011 featuring Boston’s own Wispers.  The homie DJ Addition asked if I wanted to get a phoner on my WPKN morning show with Wispers and I said ‘Nahhh Son! Let’s do a podcast…”.  Thus the first episode of Subways & Sidewalks for 2011 was born.  While on the show I got a good look at the man’s music, some of his humor and maybe even made him speechless a few times…praise from Caesar if you ask me.  Click the Cover Art or Link above to Download or stream through the link HERE @ Rapreviews.com.


That does it for this week’s 2011 in a nutshell(shocked?) MEGA, MEGA Tuesday Recycling edition…hopefully I will not get too far behind in the future, but I doubt it.  Long Time Readers know…I am sporadic at best.  Such is Life…thanks for checking the site and don’t forget to find me on all the nifty link I set up in the SideBar; FB, Twitter, Soundcloud, ETC.  If you ever have a question, feel free to…

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