Whuttup Wednesday!

Returning back to the fallow field of this blog after a healthy break; whaddaya whaddaya.  naw’mean?   I got some really great items today for you from Computer Jay, Blue Sky Black Death, Grayskul, F. Virtue and other whatnots. Let’s get into it shall we?

Computer Jay “Hardships” (feat. Orfeo)

Brand new Computer Jay from his 2nd in the “Savage Planet” series (available on 10″ soon, cop #1 HERE) after being the tour DJ for Pharcyde and Shafiq Husayn for many years, Jay has branched out into his own steeze building Moogodore 2600 keyboard (part Comodore 64, part Moog, part Atari 2600) for his live shows and just being all around futuristic.  Had a chance to chop it up with him at SXSW this year at the Exploded Drawing party and I gotta say he was a real good dude.  Check “Hardships” on MTVU HERE as well and help Jay get into the freshmen rotation!

Computer Jay FB, Computer Jay Twitter

Grayskul “Maggot”

A totally simplistic video for a pretty hectic song done in conjunction with the Lights and A Backdrop series on YouTube.  As expected after many moons off from Grayskul, Onry and JFK come out swinging for this one.

Grayskul – Face & The Fang digital single

Newest sonic offering from Grayskul with their new album “Zenith” out 9/17 on Fake Four Inc.  A true 12′ format with Edit, Album and Inst!  If you of the wanting to own it type check iTunes and Amazon

Grayskul FB, Grayskul Twitter

Blue Sky Black Death – “II” feat. Child Actor

Hot off the griddle from the Bay Area producer duo and if this is any indication of the rest of the album; WOW Glaciers should be banger times ten…pretty amped for it.  Glaciers is out on 10/1 on Fake Four Inc.


Child Actor FB, Child Actor Twitter

F. Vitue – We Are Not The Shame

Fresh off his “Trill Cunningham” EP with BBAS producer J57, F. Virtue gives you an INCREDIBLY thoughtful album that say some much that needs to be said in hip-hop today.  Not just standard ‘stop the violence’ or ‘bring it back the the roots’ but actual real stances and addressing issues that are important to him and should be important to you too.  Peep the Anita Bryant video and you’ll see what I mean…

F. Virtue FB, F. Virtue Twitter

OH Yeah, did I mention I have a new podcast up on Rapreviews?  Peep game here…

Subways & Sidewalks #17

Moodie Black – Hipster Death

Run The Jewels – Banana (feat. Big Boi)

Adian Coker – Gaza 


The Stuyvesants – Sunshine

Homeboy Sandman – First of a Living Breed

Factor – Stone Cold (feat. Open Mike Eagle)


Computer Jay – Analog Catastrophe

Grayskul – Face & The Fang

Brzowski + HALO – Harbinger


F. Virture – Anita Bryant

Toussaint Morrison – After School Alter Ego

Consulate General – The Consulate General


Rabbi Darkside – Good Pop Music (feat. Core Rhythm)

Wiley – Flying (Bass Mix)


Ruff Mix Mondays: Spooky Sunburn Edition!

Lots of cool things crackin’ at the back end of the month so take a look, you won’t be pissed you did…


SpookySunburnTour BRZO_halotour_FINAL

As noted on both fliers we’ll be all over the left coast for about 10 days, catch us if you can!  Here’s a list of them in non-flyer form…

Thursday 6/20 @ Benbow Room in  West Seattle, WA
Friday 6/21 @ White Noise at Columbia Theater in Seattle, WA
Saturday 6/22 @ Diablo’s Downtown Lounge in Eugene, OR
Sunday 6/23 @ The Holland Project in Reno, NV
Monday 6/24 @ TBA in Sacramento, CA
Tuesday 6/25 @ The Legionnaire Saloon in Oakland, CA
Wednesday 6/26 @ Johnny V’s in San Jose, CA
Saturday 6/29 @ Syrup Loft in Los Angeles, CA
Sunday 6/30 @ 3pm In-Store Access Hip-Hop in San Diego, CA
Sunday 6/30 @ 9pm at Kava Lounge in San Diego, CA

Subways & Sidewalks #16: Spooky Sunburn Edition


My newest podcast for Rapreviews.com!  Features as much music as I could get from all the heads we will be rocking with on the Spooky Sunburn Tour: The ILLusionists, Open Mike Eagle, Tramlife, John Cue Publik, and unreleased Brzowski.  Plus new and unreleased joints from Hood Internet, Cars & Trains, Gregory Pepper & Madadam and more!  It’s worth the hour in the background while you are doing something else…

Metallica – Seek & Destroy (Bassnectar Remix)

John Cue Publik – Press Save

Brzowski – Whorebar

The ILLusionists – Finally (feat. Jori Teran)

Atrak – Piss Test Remix (feat. Juicy J, Jim Jones, Flatbush Zombies, El-P & Flosstradamus)

POS – Get Down (feat. Mike Mictlan)

Brzowski – Friendly Fire Redux (feat. Seez Mics of Educated Consumers & Ceschi)

Cars & Trains – Stay Awake (feat. Open Mike Eagle)

Tramlife – Jammin with My Friends

The Hood Internet – We’re Backwoods Famous (feat. El-P)

Easy Star All Stars – Billie Jean (Mister Vibes Remix)

Esh The Monolith – Hip-Hop Ruined My Life (HALO Remix)

Solroc – Funky Izms (feat. Kev Brown & Mr. Lif)

Gregory Pepper & Madadam – House On Wheels (feat. Noah23)

Psyche Origami – Unreleased

Homeboy Sandman – Cedar and Sedgwick

Gitana La Bamba & Chelsea (of Drala) – Pink Moons

John Cue Publik – Par 3

Mega Ran – On My Level (feat. Brzowski)


Brzowski + DJ HALO – Harbinger

Hot off the griddle bi-coastal joint Brzowski and I whipped up recently, not for the tour necessarily, but it just got finished a little fast because of it.  So here she is our tour promo track…it’s actually quite dope.

Ruff Mix Mondays!

Holy snap!  New studio is up and running, functionally at least, so here’s a hot off the griddle podcast.

Subways & Sidewalks #15 Grand Re-Opening Edition

S&S Grand ReOpening Cover

Comes out tomorrow on Rapreviews.com where you can stream it or download it; shouts to DJ Flash for getting this up there and dealing with me being a crazy person…

Download S&S 15

Stream S&S 15 on Mixcloud

Playlist for Subways & Sidewalks #15

Factor – Alive Tomorrow ft. NOMAD (From Woke Up Alone out July 23)

Thelonius Tut – Get Hi ft. Calest (Theloniustut.bandcamp.com)

Blue Sky Black Death & SAS – Valley of Kings ft. Cam’ron & P.A.P.I. (BSBD.Bandcamp.com)

Sadistik – Kill the King ft. Decon the Villian (From Flowers For My Father)

Aesop Rock – Harbor is Yours (HALO Remix)

Botzy – Thrill is Gone ft. Justyn Dow (From Buck Fotzy out July 11)

Blue Sky Black Death & Dinero Farrar – This is It ft. Child Actor (From Cliff of Death)

PremRock & Willie Green – Jogger ft. Open Mike Eagle (HALO Remix)

Bisco Smith & Bq:Ram – Picture Perfect (From Atlantic Sky)

Bisco Smith & Bq:Ram – Searching ft. Milly (From Atlantic Sky)

Sadistik – Russian Roulette ft. Cage & Yes Alexander (From Flowers For My Father)

JnaturaL – Push Away ft. Eligh (From Bad Woman Rising out June 9)

Sister Crayon – Cynic (From Cynic EP)

Willie Green – Fasho Fasho! ft. PremRock (From We Live In The Future)

Foreign Legion – Roommate Joint (From Playtight)

Tuesday is Recycling Day…

Yo Yo Yo!  Super excited by all the great feedback I have been getting on the remixed site; thanks to all who have checked it out thus far, tell a friend to tell a friend.  So today is Tuesday which means it’s time for another recycle from the vaults of both Adam’s World Blog & Rapreviews.com (where you can also find my podcast Subways & Sidewalks…Hiyooo) featuring Moke & Tone, who btw, put out a fantastic new album Shot Heard Round The World.  Biggup to the Mystika Music up there in Boston/Amherst doing it BIG.  I also will have some random debris I picked up from only The G.O.D. knows where…Enjoy!

Tuning Into A Moke & Tone

A whole lot of east coast and a little bit of west coast. That’s the recipe for Moke and Tone, the Massachusetts based duo whose backgrounds include a life in MA for Tone and life that began in California and continued in The Bronx for Mokeout. Their 2011 release, Shot Heard Round The World, has garnered them a lot of attention and praise and this week I caught up with Tone to find out more about the backstory of Moke and Tone and their music. Tone also discussed the pain of perfectionism, the many false idols he sees being worshiped, and why, despite having controversial content, he’s not worried about anyone coming after him.  Read the full review @ Rapreviews.com

Brand New Headnodic!

Yup, Yup…you heard it first here (I hope) this is a stream of the brand new track from Crown City Rockers’ own super producer, off his fantastic effort with Moe Pope last year, is back featuring Latyrxs and Kat (of Crown City Rockers).  This joint is HOTTTT and perfect for summertime blasting while rolling about town.  For more tracks, check his LastFM page HERE.  Peep game…

Headnodic ft. Latyrx and Kat – Moving On Up

The Calamari Wrestler

This one def goes under the WTF category in my book, hilarious, but at the same time confusing.  But the confusion also is hilarious so it works out in the end.  Basically here’s what’s good: the beginning has a wrestling match in progress with the champion getting all hype he won, when suddenly a tentacle slaps the belt out of the champs hands and lay the smack down on his candy ass for real.  Squid becomes the hottest sensation in Japanese wrestling, more bizarre sea creatures begin to appear (Octopus & Shrimp to name a few) and not one person seems to think it’s bizarre that there is a walking, talking cephalopod who wrestles.  That is probably the most hilarious thing about the movie in general, oh and it’s all in Japanese with ruthless subtitles…HILARIOUS!  Peep the trailer and tell me you are not at lest chuckling and at least one head did the gopher above the cubicle wall to see what the ruckus was about…peace to Eliot for putting me on to this ridiculous movie!

Tuesday is Recycling Day…and I loooove recycling; MEGA edition!!!

Hollllyyyy Cowwwww!!!!  It has been a more than a minute since I Jacked content from the homie Adam’s World Blog…I dunno what I have really been up to, buuuuut it hasn’t been very productive I’ll tell you that much.  So now is my attempt to get up-to-date and turn this year around for you before it’s too late.  ohhh, word???  Already too late, hmmm…well, let’s see what we can see then eh?  So I have a MEGA, MEGA Artist of the Week update which encompasses all the Artists of the Week thus far in 2011 (yeah, totally nuts but hey that’s me) as well as my first Subways & Sidewalks Podcast of 2011 ft. the man, the myth, the legend…Boston’s own Wispers.  So buckle up and get serious, this is Hip-Hop (for the most part) we are talking about…you won’t catch me acting funny at a show. Unless of course you are on drugs, then I might appear slightly hilarious, you know, in a sad clown kinda way.  MANNNN do I love blogging!!!



Since TopR and Foul Mouth Jerk work and tour as a team, it only makes sense that I follow up last week’s Foul Mouth Jerk feature with an interview with TopR. An emcee who describes his music as “feel good music for fucked up people,” TopR spent most of his formative years in the Bay Area. He moved out of his parents house at 15 and has now spent the better part of half of his life touring. Heavily influenced by hip-hop, punk rock, and graffiti art, TopR says “my musical influences have always been strongly anti-establishment, which helped shape my world view from a young age.” This week I sat down with TopR to find out more about his views, his music, and how he came to have a plethora of knowledge regarding everyone’s favorite celebrity religion, Scientology.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…



The Northeast oftentimes gets looked over by the hip-hop community. Thinking the only things past Massachusetts are ski lodges and a Poland Spring factory, many hip-hop heads miss out on a lot of talented artists. One of those talented Northeasterners is Brzowski. Originally drawn to music by Black Sabbath at the age of 12, Brzowski is currently making quite the name for himself with his mic skills. He just released a collaborative effort, Brzowski+Moshe Like Woe Remixes, last week, he’ll be touring Europe in April, and he’ll be releasing his next album, A Fitful Sleep later this year. This week I caught up with Brzowski to find out more about his music, where his unique perspective comes from, and how a Canadian girl nearly sent him, and everyone he was on tour with, to jail.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…



Downtempo and hip-hop have always had an interesting relationship. Not technically brother and sister, but perhaps distant cousins, the two just seem to get along well. Many hip-hop fans count even themselves as downtempo fans, as well. This is why it wasn’t completely surprising when Happ G told me about the latest KRU release, Murai’s Tozai, and how it’s a downtempo album that also features some hip-hop artists. Their sound is really dope and this week I caught up with the Murai duo of Greg and Yui to get the full scoop on how their connection is more than just musical, in what ways they’ve personally seen music overcome a language barrier, and why they decided to combine downtempo with hip-hop.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…



When Karma Response Unit Records was launched in 2000 it was done so with 40th Dimension as one of the lead artists. The duo made up of Happ G and Scandal made some noise for KRU in the early years and continues to today. Scandal has also been making noise with his numerous guest appearances on other KRU releases. From his verse on Happ G’s “Nothing No Nada” to the 16 he spit on last week’s Artist Of The Week Murai’s “Another Day,” Scandal has been making sure he’s getting in everybody’s ears. This week I caught up with the Philly flame spitter to find out why we’ve been hearing so much from him recently, what it was like growing up in one of the most musical cities in America, and the one thing his lips are sealed about.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…



As longtime readers of this site know, I love when artists recommend other artists to me. Usually it’s an emcee or producer telling me about another emcee or producer they’re working with. When it comes to Solrac, however, he was originally brought to my attention by singer/songwriter Jim Wolf. Wondering what a man focused on his guitar could have in mind when it comes to hip-hop? Well, that’s where the beauty of the universality of music comes in. Good musicians usually know good music, and both Wolf and Solrac qualify as such. Currently, Solrac is preparing for the February 14th release of Himself’s album, Feel Like a Star, which he produced entirely, and this week I caught up with him to find out about his career as a producer and emcee, why he made the move from Connecticut to California, and what advice he has for up and coming producers.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…



In September of 2009 I featured J.Monopoly as an Artist Of The Week. Since then, the group he’s a member of, O.I.S.D. (Operation Industry Shut Down), has made great strides, becoming one of the premier groups in NYC’s underground hip-hop scene. Realizing that I’d only featured one of the five members of O.I.S.D. as an Artist Of The Week, I decided to right that, which is why I want to welcome you to O.I.S.D.uary. For the entire month of February all of my Artists Of The Week will be members of O.I.S.D., and in a break from the way I normally do things here, I’m asking them all the same questions so everyone can see how truly unique each of them are as individuals. First up to bat is J.O., who, interestingly, was the last member to join the group.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…



It’s officially week two of O.I.S.D.uary, where I’m featuring a different member of O.I.S.D. (Operation Industry Shut Down), New York City’s most explosive group of up and coming emcees, every week for the entire month. I’m asking each artist the same questions so everyone can see how truly unique each emcee is as individuals within the group. They all rock shows collectively, but this week E.Y.E.Q, aka JohnNY Storm, takes center stage as he discusses the formation of the O.I.S.D., how the unexpected can be beautiful, and what he thought might happen to him, or more precisely, for him, at a Comic-Con.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…


Khid 2Che

I hope everyone has been enjoying getting to know the emcees of Operation Industry Shut Down during this very special monthlong series of interviews. This week O.I.S.D.uary continues with Khid 2Che. In addition to revealing a little bit of his background, Khid 2Che discusses what he feels makes O.I.S.D. such a great team, why you’ll never mistake him for Drake, and what Sisqo has to do with his album collection.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…


WOE (speaking of, be on the looks for my remixes of Brzowski’s ‘Like Woe’ coming very soon!!!) that was alot of artists to take in.  You Ok???  Need a breather???  Here, sit down and let me pour you some water…you’re sweating…now, you good???  Ok check this last jammy…

Subways & Sidewalks #9 ft. Wispers

Hiyoooo!!!  Spanking (yes, ladies…spanking) new S&S podcast for 2011 featuring Boston’s own Wispers.  The homie DJ Addition asked if I wanted to get a phoner on my WPKN morning show with Wispers and I said ‘Nahhh Son! Let’s do a podcast…”.  Thus the first episode of Subways & Sidewalks for 2011 was born.  While on the show I got a good look at the man’s music, some of his humor and maybe even made him speechless a few times…praise from Caesar if you ask me.  Click the Cover Art or Link above to Download or stream through the link HERE @ Rapreviews.com.


That does it for this week’s 2011 in a nutshell(shocked?) MEGA, MEGA Tuesday Recycling edition…hopefully I will not get too far behind in the future, but I doubt it.  Long Time Readers know…I am sporadic at best.  Such is Life…thanks for checking the site and don’t forget to find me on all the nifty link I set up in the SideBar; FB, Twitter, Soundcloud, ETC.  If you ever have a question, feel free to…

Tuesday is Recycling Day and I Looooove Recycling!!! Double Shot Edition…

Wassup, Wassup!!!  Just got in from the road with Pseudo Slang with enough time to Bounce the New Subways & Sidewalks Podcast and get it posted to Rapreviews, make it to my Morning Show on WPKN (which BANGED btw), get back report playlists to my various reporting agencies and now here we are…all alone, finally.  Did you miss me last week???  I missed you…Heading back out to VT till Monday so it’s not a choc-a-bloc week in the halodoesntsuck labs, but I got some tricks up my sleeve.  Namely two weeks of Artist of The Week; J Ross Parrelli & M.A.E. as well as the new Subways & Sidewalks ft. Jesse Abraham.  So let’s get down to it suckaface!!!  Errr…I’m sorry…delicate flower.

Artist of the Week (Last Week); J Ross Parrelli

As I’m sure you all know by now, I’m very open to recommendations when it comes to music. When my homegirl, super talented fine artist Blair Urban, told me I should link up with her friend J Ross Parrelli I added her on various social networking sites and we started talking. I also started listening to her music. Months passed and I came back to her work a number of times. There was really no defining it. With elements of reggae, soul and hip-hop Parrelli and her band have created something original, and I love when artists can still do that in 2010, and do it with instruments rather than a computer.
This week I caught up with Parrelli to learn about her musical history, how she’s been livin since she moved to NYC, and the three places you’ll never find her.  For full article, visit Adam’s World Blog…

Artist of the Week (This Week); M.A.E.

I first heard of M.A.E. in passing when someone told me about the duo while I was heading to Homeboy Sandman’s album release party in June. I stayed aware of the music they were making, checked out their video for “Fuck Dancing,” and took a listen to their free EP More. The jazz tinged production and great lyricism that showed a high level of wit and personality really impressed me. This week I caught up with the M.A.E. duo of Express The Motif and Indigo (pictured L to R) to find out more about their work, how they’re going about making sure they’re original, and how they really feel about dancing.  For full article, visit Adam’s World Blog…

Subways & Sidwalks Episode # 3 ft. Jesse Abraham

Had the pleasure of getting one of the NYC underground’s best up-and-comers in studio to kick it with me for Subways & Sidewalks Podcast # 3, check out some of his music, talk about Yoga, give the back story of ‘Halo Doesn’t Suck’ and much more!!!  You can also check the Podcast at my syndicated home @ Rapreviews.com (Biggup to Flash for agreeing to carry a ridonkculous fool like me). Good times were had by all and no animals were hurt in the production of this podcast…which is strange, because I usually like to sacrifice something to my god Zorgo before I do a podcast…must have slipped my mind to give thanks to my vengeful and merciless GOD.  Next Time, Next Time…

Ruff Mix Mondays…I’m Baaaack!!!

Yo, Yo!  Back from my ‘Summer Jam’ whirlwind through the Midwest and badder than ever.  Peace to all who I performed for, stayed with, chilled with while I was out last week!!!  Good times were had by all, ladies shook their butts, retarded driving schedules were kept, many miles and thousands of Bugs (maaan there is a lot of Insects in the Midwest!) were put on my poor new Element.  Got a new piece of studio equipment (Roland 303 Groovebox!!! Thanks Chris!!!) and am ready to crush it while I am home for the next 6 weeks on the production tip, so be on the looks for MASSIVE amounts of new beats and remixes.  Word.

This week’s Ruff Mix is a Subways & Sidewalks Podcast that is my first episode to be syndicated by the Rapreviews.com Podcast Network!!!  It features long time homie and live show collaborator Plus as my guest host and is totally ballistic (like you’d expect anything different from me???).  Check Plus @ his site plusishiphop.com, listen to the podcast @ rapreviews.com or simply click the photo below to download.  HOLLA!!!

Only the thuggest can rock Furr Trim