Tuesday is Recycling Day…

Yo Yo Yo!  Super excited by all the great feedback I have been getting on the remixed site; thanks to all who have checked it out thus far, tell a friend to tell a friend.  So today is Tuesday which means it’s time for another recycle from the vaults of both Adam’s World Blog & Rapreviews.com (where you can also find my podcast Subways & Sidewalks…Hiyooo) featuring Moke & Tone, who btw, put out a fantastic new album Shot Heard Round The World.  Biggup to the Mystika Music up there in Boston/Amherst doing it BIG.  I also will have some random debris I picked up from only The G.O.D. knows where…Enjoy!

Tuning Into A Moke & Tone

A whole lot of east coast and a little bit of west coast. That’s the recipe for Moke and Tone, the Massachusetts based duo whose backgrounds include a life in MA for Tone and life that began in California and continued in The Bronx for Mokeout. Their 2011 release, Shot Heard Round The World, has garnered them a lot of attention and praise and this week I caught up with Tone to find out more about the backstory of Moke and Tone and their music. Tone also discussed the pain of perfectionism, the many false idols he sees being worshiped, and why, despite having controversial content, he’s not worried about anyone coming after him.  Read the full review @ Rapreviews.com

Brand New Headnodic!

Yup, Yup…you heard it first here (I hope) this is a stream of the brand new track from Crown City Rockers’ own super producer, off his fantastic effort with Moe Pope last year, is back featuring Latyrxs and Kat (of Crown City Rockers).  This joint is HOTTTT and perfect for summertime blasting while rolling about town.  For more tracks, check his LastFM page HERE.  Peep game…

Headnodic ft. Latyrx and Kat – Moving On Up

The Calamari Wrestler

This one def goes under the WTF category in my book, hilarious, but at the same time confusing.  But the confusion also is hilarious so it works out in the end.  Basically here’s what’s good: the beginning has a wrestling match in progress with the champion getting all hype he won, when suddenly a tentacle slaps the belt out of the champs hands and lay the smack down on his candy ass for real.  Squid becomes the hottest sensation in Japanese wrestling, more bizarre sea creatures begin to appear (Octopus & Shrimp to name a few) and not one person seems to think it’s bizarre that there is a walking, talking cephalopod who wrestles.  That is probably the most hilarious thing about the movie in general, oh and it’s all in Japanese with ruthless subtitles…HILARIOUS!  Peep the trailer and tell me you are not at lest chuckling and at least one head did the gopher above the cubicle wall to see what the ruckus was about…peace to Eliot for putting me on to this ridiculous movie!

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