Freakout Friday!

Yo, Yo!  So I was up this morning at 5am after what I assume was a nightmare and tried to write this post before but just couldn’t get it done…writer’s block I guess.  I got a few notes for you to get that weekend started off ‘on the good foot’ as James Brown would say.  woooooordddd.

Rob Swift Roc’s for Roc Raida

Big shouts to Adam’s World Blog  for always letting me jack his site content!

When someone passes away we can mourn them, celebrate their life, or do a little bit of both. For DJ Rob Swift, he decided it was time to celebrate the life of his friend Roc Raida, who passed away in 2009 from cardiac arrest. The project Swift has put together, titled Roc For Raida, features both the music and the thoughts on the fallen X-Ecutioners member. Swift describes it as “a really honest and genuine representation of Roc Raida the artist, the person, the human being.” Not only that, Swift is convinced that Roc had a hand in putting it together, and he told me the interesting story of how. In addition to discussing how the album came to fruition, Swift also shared his ideas on how we as a community stay positive despite so many of our peers passing away, and he revealed the one rapper who’s brain he’d love to pick.

Read the full interview at

D-Sisive ‘Ghetto Bastard’

If you are unfamiliar with Naughty by Nature’s 1991 hit ‘Ghetto Bastard’ you are not much of a Hip-Hop fan, or at least haven’t been one for very long…yeah, yeah I know there’s tons of artists out there and all, but there are just some songs that you should at least have heard of.  This is one of them and Canadian MC D-Sisive does an incredible job capturing the emotional feeling of this song in a completely different context.  DOOOOPE!

and if you are unfamiliar with the original track here’s the video…Ohh Yo! MTV Raps! I miss you


Whuttup Wednesday!

Aiyoooo!  Whate whate gwan bredren, tis a wonderful day to be alive…no?  I have been embroiled with working the last few days so it’s the first time I have had to post this week…and maannnn is it a doozy.  We got a Recycle from the omni-present homie Adam B and his column Pop Shots, a few videos of music I cannot get out of my head (unless it with a bullet), some exciting news for my radio show listeners and much, much more!  Sit back and kick it for a while, your boss won’t be pissed you didn’t get that TPS report in on time…you are sooo money right now, no worries.

Pop Shots: Break-Ups & Breakdowns

Welcome to your weekly dose of pop world musings. Covering all things pop culture, this week Pop Shots is hitting you with thoughts on everything from R.Kelly’s bank telling him it’s over between him and his house, to J.Lo and Marc Anthony calling it quits, to Cheap Trick’s stage falling apart under inclement weather, and since it’s Pop Shots you know everything is seasoned with a little bit of attitude.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…

Wednesday Video Corner

Here are a few videos of songs i just cannot get out of my head these days…some new, some old, all DOPE.  Take look…

Nightmares on Wax – I Hear in Color

Really amazing track I just kinda stumbled upon in the depths of my digital library…

Charles Bradley (feat. Menahan Street Band) – Heart of Gold

The horns in this kick more ass than some type of ass kicking automaton…maybe a bit extreme, but that’s me.

2econd Class Citizen – Wishing Well

Kind of an awesome video of the man doing the damn thing on the MPD24.  Exclusively sampled from English folk records!  You like the product placement shot of his record?  Everyday I’m Hustlin’…

Nightmares on Wax – 70’s 80’s (RJD2 Remix)

Dope remix from RJ to an already dope track…basically it is me 70’s baby/80’s child so I had to throw it up (Whut Whut!) for my generation.

Mornings on WPKN: Data Romance Give Away!

Hiyoooo!!!  Another great call in contest will be going down next week on my FM radio show (Tuesdays 6-9am, WPKN 89.5fm) following the 8:30am interview with the fantastic new group Data Romance.  I will have 3-4 copies of their debut EP  to give away after the interview so have your speed dial set.  If you are unfamiliar with Data Romance, allow me to drop some knowledge on you…


Cartoons are Hip Too…

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 10 or so years (which if you have that’s pretty damn amazing, keep doing you homie!) you must have had contact with the line-up of the premier in cartoon hilarity for adults…ADULT SWIM.  I don’t even have TV and I know about it, and the reason being that they have done a really excellent job of knowing their market (18-35, educated, most likely smoke weed or have in the past), positioning (Time of Day block is scheduled), sponsorships (The Swim Series of albums) and having one hilarious product across the board.  Look at their show line-ups (ATHF, Sealab 2021, Venture Bros, Harvey Birdman and these are just off the top.  Remember I don’t have TV…), not a wack one in the bunch.  All episodes are either 15 min commercial free or 30min with min interruption and choc-a-bloc full of great adult humor portrayed by animation. The Simpsons really were the front runner in this so credit due, but Adult Swim has made it almost a faux pax to not be up on what’s good with new Adult Swim shows.  Where did this all come from???  I recently was introduced to the Venture Bros (have always been a ATHF fan, just check my fav scratch samples) and was really struck by how very…adult the humor in this cartoon really was.  Which is amazing to really take the idea that many comics/graphic novels have been doing in a niche sense for years and taking it big time; it is ok and even cool in fact to watch cartoons as an adult…come on in, the water is fine.  Don’t take my word for it, peep this and with that I am out.

What would be a Venture Bros post without Brock Samson…

Tuesday is Recycling Day…

Yo Yo Yo!  Super excited by all the great feedback I have been getting on the remixed site; thanks to all who have checked it out thus far, tell a friend to tell a friend.  So today is Tuesday which means it’s time for another recycle from the vaults of both Adam’s World Blog & (where you can also find my podcast Subways & Sidewalks…Hiyooo) featuring Moke & Tone, who btw, put out a fantastic new album Shot Heard Round The World.  Biggup to the Mystika Music up there in Boston/Amherst doing it BIG.  I also will have some random debris I picked up from only The G.O.D. knows where…Enjoy!

Tuning Into A Moke & Tone

A whole lot of east coast and a little bit of west coast. That’s the recipe for Moke and Tone, the Massachusetts based duo whose backgrounds include a life in MA for Tone and life that began in California and continued in The Bronx for Mokeout. Their 2011 release, Shot Heard Round The World, has garnered them a lot of attention and praise and this week I caught up with Tone to find out more about the backstory of Moke and Tone and their music. Tone also discussed the pain of perfectionism, the many false idols he sees being worshiped, and why, despite having controversial content, he’s not worried about anyone coming after him.  Read the full review @

Brand New Headnodic!

Yup, Yup…you heard it first here (I hope) this is a stream of the brand new track from Crown City Rockers’ own super producer, off his fantastic effort with Moe Pope last year, is back featuring Latyrxs and Kat (of Crown City Rockers).  This joint is HOTTTT and perfect for summertime blasting while rolling about town.  For more tracks, check his LastFM page HERE.  Peep game…

Headnodic ft. Latyrx and Kat – Moving On Up

The Calamari Wrestler

This one def goes under the WTF category in my book, hilarious, but at the same time confusing.  But the confusion also is hilarious so it works out in the end.  Basically here’s what’s good: the beginning has a wrestling match in progress with the champion getting all hype he won, when suddenly a tentacle slaps the belt out of the champs hands and lay the smack down on his candy ass for real.  Squid becomes the hottest sensation in Japanese wrestling, more bizarre sea creatures begin to appear (Octopus & Shrimp to name a few) and not one person seems to think it’s bizarre that there is a walking, talking cephalopod who wrestles.  That is probably the most hilarious thing about the movie in general, oh and it’s all in Japanese with ruthless subtitles…HILARIOUS!  Peep the trailer and tell me you are not at lest chuckling and at least one head did the gopher above the cubicle wall to see what the ruckus was about…peace to Eliot for putting me on to this ridiculous movie!

Ruff Mix Recycling Day…and I LUUUUVVV Recycling

BLau!!!  Coming at you this Tuesday afternoon with a TON of dope goodies; 2 Pop Session Mixes, 2 Artists of the Week and 1 plea to help a homie win an online DJ competition…WOE!!!  Yeah it’s that jam packed.  Biggup as always to Adam’s World Blog for letting me relentlessly JACK site content, and not even threaten to punch me in the face…although that may change as I recently told him I think I might have killed one of his homies…I can’t be sure though, but it MIGHT have been one of them.  Plus there’s going to be the usual sprinkle of pontificating about future events as well…will they come to pass???  I guess you’ll have to wait and see…WHALLAH!!!

HALO Sessions; Pop Mixes

For this segment of Halo Sessions I present to you 2 pop music mixes I did as various demos within recent memory; both have alot of bright moments, some EH moments and a few WTF moments.  Overall a fun listen in general of some audio crack Top 40 tunes you know and love.  Click the links below to DL, Peep game and you bee the judge…


This demo was made for a high energy type spot that is not so down with the rippty rapp rappin…No Worries!!! I got you covered…showing off Pop’s danceable side like that record i found in the trash behind the library when I was but a pup in the DJ game…memories


This demo was created for a specific party promoter who wanted a mix of all things Urban…Voila!!!  Some fun mixes here and alot of crappy RnB…



Showtyme 2/28/11

O.I.S.D.uary is coming to a close this week with the last, but certainly not least, member of O.I.S.D. to be featured here, Showtyme. For those looking in recent Artist Of The Week history and only seeing four of the members of O.I.S.D. you might be wondering “where’s J.Monopoly?” He was actually featured in 2009 back when “Right In The Kissah,” his collaboration with Top $ Raz and Kalil Kash, was tearing the roof off shows all over NYC.

With O.I.S.D. prepping a new album, and with them having become one of NYC’s preeminent underground hip-hop groups, I decided to dedicate the entire month’s worth of Artist Of The Week features to them. I asked the members of the group the same questions so their distinct personalities could shine. One of my favorite results from this are the different stories of how each member came to be a part of the group. J.O. led off the series of interviews, E.Y.E.Q batted second, Khid 2 Che was featured last week, and now Showtyme is closing things out and tying up any loose ends. For full article please visit Adam’s World Blog…

Chronikill 3/7/11

The Chronikill trio of Charlie Cypher, Zerox One, aka Rox, and Keyno Speedz have been a staple on New York City’s underground hip-hop scene for quite a while now. Whether it’s been their own performances, or the Doin’ Alright series of shows they throw at the Bowery Poetry Club, they know how to pack a place, and they know how the keep their wall to wall crowds happy. I caught up with all three members of Chronikill this week to find out a little bit about their history, what goes into throwing a successful event, and what some of the wilder Chronikill and Doin’ Alright moments have been. Spoiler alert – stage diving and crackheads are BOTH involved.  For full article please visit Adam’s World Blog…



YES YES!!!  The Homie and Cut Crew Member DJ Anubus has entered the wild world of Online DJ Battles (WHOA Blossom…) and I am asking you to both check the routine below and if you are feeling it, click the link below and vote for his routine.  What do you get out of doing this???  Uhhh, the satisfaction that you helped boost someone else’s ego and garner them praise despite your’s being horribly bruised and in desperate need of praise???  Stop being a baby and JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!

If you are feeling the routine click the link HERE to vote for DJ Anubus!!!



Tuesday is Recycling day and that RULES!!!

Hay-lo, Ha-lo, Halooo

So the Holidays are over till this friday and some are back to work till then, others are more lucky.  Either way you dice it, it’s a bizarre in between time of year…and if you are like me and snowbound in the Northeast, it’s the perfect time for treating your ears to a swelltastic listen to some great music and eyes to some reading material.  That said, I have a HUGE amount of stuff (New Artist of the Week, Subways & Sidewalks #8, and TWO Christmas Music Mixes) for you to nosh on while you are waiting for 2011 to happen!!!


Artist of the Week; Foul Mouth Jerk

I gotta admit, I was late to the game when it comes to finding out about Foul Mouth Jerk. A buddy of mine who’s the saxophone player for Deep Banana Blackout hipped me to Foul Mouth Jerk’s music when Jerk and TopR were playing a show by me at the Acoustic Cafe. I was blown away by how great their live show was. All of the call and response moments were honest, rather than contrived, they were fantastic lyrically, and, most importantly, they were having fun on stage. Cracking jokes with the crowd, and each, other in-between songs, and even accidentally inspiring a young woman to expose some skin, they gave the crowd serious hip-hop, but didn’t necessarily take themselves too seriously. I loved the vibe they created and caught up with Foul Mouth Jerk after a return performance a few months later that was a celebration of the release of his new album, The Oldest Trick In The Book. During our conversation we discussed the new album, as well as the culture shock of moving from New Jersey to North Carolina, and his linking up with one of Jersey’s most celebrated underground hip-hop duos.  For Full article visit Adam’s World Blog


Subways & Sidewalks #8 Ft. DJ Deja!!!

A brand Spanking new Subways & Sidewalks is coming at you like Blau!!!  This episode features the lovely and talented DJ Deja from NYC!  Unfortunately because mother nature was being a BOWZA we couldn’t get together in studio, so she did the next best thing…sent me an AMAZING 20 min mix to use in my podcast!  Doooope!!! If you are feeling her mix I HIGHLY suggest you check both her Twitter & Soundcloud pages.  Click the link above or HERE to download…


It’s A DJ HALO Christmas!!!

Christmas isn’t over yet!!!  I know it’s a bit late in the game for this, but it was originally produced to send out to my email list (if you haven’t signed up, check the sidebar!!!) buuuut I figured why waste a great mix like this of traditional Christmas Music, I am pretty sure it happens every year so maybe you can rock it next year while trimming your tree…Click the link above or HERE to Download.  PS Lady Gaga Christmas song = Bonkers…


DJ HALO’s Christmas Carnage 2010


This mix of entirely Hip-Hop Christmas tunes was curated and compiled by the homie Chaz Kangas (check him out cause he’s DOOOOOPE) as part of his regular Christmas Mix series, but seeing as how this was the 10th year, he asked me to do the scratch wicka wicka and mix the songs to make this year’s extra special.  Check out more info on the Facebook invite HERE or just click the album art above to Download!!!


Now Off to Europe…

Tuesday is Recycling Day…and I Looooove Recycling

Whattup Whattup!!!  So this week is Turkey filled awesomeness combined with annoying & awkward family interactions…pretty sweet!!!  Luckily I was hatched so I will just be doing my thang thang on the holiday; maybe a turkey sub from Subway.  I hear Jared loves em’…

So this week I have TWO artists of the week recycled from Adam’s World Blog and a brand spanking new Subways & Sidewalks Podcast!!!  A veritable feast for the mind and ears…WHOOOOAAA BLOSSOM that was corney!!!  Call me Nebraska from now on…


ARTIST OF THE WEEK: BOP ALLOY (Substantial & Marcus D)

Substantial was one of my original Artists Of The Week when I started this feature back in 2006. Since then he’s gotten married, moved from Brooklyn back to his original home of Maryland, release a couple albums, and had a child. The one thing I don’t think he’s done is sleep, because even with all that going on he still found the time to link up with Seattle producer Marcus D to create Bop Alloy. This week I caught up with both Substantial and Marcus D to find out more about the Bop Alloy project, including how they came together for it, the musical direction it goes in that will have longtime Substantial fans cheering, and why they’re so big in Japan.  For Full article visit Adam’s World Blog…



Born in New Haven, CT, Notar’s had two huge influences that have affected him from day one. First there’s his family’s work ethic. Having owned a grocery story in Hamden for generations, Notar’s never known a time when his family wasn’t doing for self. Second is his family’s musical side. His father was a trumpet player and it wouldn’t be long before Notar followed in his musical footsteps. Half Italian and half Lebanese, Notar went his own route musically, and it’s done him well. An emcee backed by a full band, Notar recently caught the ear of Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz, who started a label and quickly inked Notar to a deal.
Now residing in NYC, Notar has made a name for himself in the hip-hop scene there, as well, most notably at Freestyle Mondays. This week I caught up with Notar to find out more about his music, how the closing of Sin Sin, which was the longtime home of Freestyle Mondays, affected him, and how seriously we should take his blog’s title of Notar for President.  For Full article visit Adam’s World Blog…



A brand new (Literally, I did it last night) Subways & Sidewalks Podcast for your ears with the focus on this episode being…ME.  Yup you guessed it, my ego maniacal ways got the best of me when I was searching for themes and I decided to focus on remixes and more specifically, MY remixes.  Don’t worry other remixes get love in this episode too…sheesh!  Check the playlist below…

Dizzee Rascal – Sirens (HALO Remix)
Grand Buffet – Things that go Bump in the Night (Ultimate Club Mix)
Plastic LIttle ft. Amanda Blank & Ghostface – Crambodia (Pink Skull Remix)
Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass (HALO Remix)
Serengeti – Crystal (HALO Remix)
Uffie – SUV (Armand Van Helden Remix)
Elle Goulding – Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix)
Iron Lyon ft. Vordul Mega – Spiralin’ (HALO Remix)
Domer – Mello Me (HALO Remix)
JR & PH7 ft. Evidence – Bow Down (HALO Remix)
Bisco Smith ft. human?, Grimace & Esen – Railroads (HALO Remix)
Dante LaSalle ft. Aztek – Dead Weather (HALO Remix)

If this sound like something right up your alley, then please feel free to click the album art above or the link HERE to download it.  If you’re a bit on the fence, ‘eh I dunno, do I really want this dude taking up my HD space?”, then please check the stream @ Either way do check it out; I put a whole TWO HOURS of my time into it!!! That’s blood, sweat and tears…



OHHH SNAP! I’m back and badder than ever…

HOOOOLIIEEE COW!!!  It’s been a minute right???  Well I was on Hiatus for a min but I am now back, for the time being at least, and I have got some crazy stuff for you!!!   I have been planning this Euro trip for January, which is going pretty well, next I have my recycled Artist of the Week for this week aaaand a slew of new beats for you to peruse.  Sooooo, let’s get into it!!!

DJ HALO Takes Europe!!!

I will be doing dates in London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Prague…stay tuned for the specifics as dates get confirmed.


Artist of the Week; Wordspit

A lot of folks may recognize WordSpit from his appearance in the Dollar Van Demos McDonald’s commercial that ran earlier this year. Believe it or not, it was an instance where a billion dollar company was recognizing the impact of underground hip-hop. WordSpit is not a corporate shill, he’s a veteran emcee in New York City’s underground hip-hop scene, and this week I caught up with him to find out what kind of effect the ad campaign has had on his visibility, who he is as an artist, and where he gets his insane amount of energy from. For full story visit Adamsworld Blog



So I have been finishing up a GANG of old stems and making new tracks in the last few days, like Books, you should…CHECKEMOUT



1996 RULES