Freakout Friday!

Yo, Yo! So I was up this morning at 5am after what I assume was a nightmare and tried to write this post before but just couldn't get it done...writer's block I guess. I got a few notes for you to get that weekend started off 'on the good foot' as James Brown would say. woooooordddd.

Whuttup Wednesday!

Aiyoooo!  Whate whate gwan bredren, tis a wonderful day to be  I have been embroiled with working the last few days so it's the first time I have had to post this week...and maannnn is it a doozy.  We got a Recycle from the omni-present homie Adam B and his column Pop Shots, a few videos … Continue reading Whuttup Wednesday!

Tuesday is Recycling Day…

Yo Yo Yo!  Super excited by all the great feedback I have been getting on the remixed site; thanks to all who have checked it out thus far, tell a friend to tell a friend.  So today is Tuesday which means it's time for another recycle from the vaults of both Adam's World Blog & … Continue reading Tuesday is Recycling Day…

Ruff Mix Recycling Day…and I LUUUUVVV Recycling

BLau!!!  Coming at you this Tuesday afternoon with a TON of dope goodies; 2 Pop Session Mixes, 2 Artists of the Week and 1 plea to help a homie win an online DJ competition...WOE!!!  Yeah it's that jam packed.  Biggup as always to Adam's World Blog for letting me relentlessly JACK site content, and not … Continue reading Ruff Mix Recycling Day…and I LUUUUVVV Recycling

Tuesday is Recycling day and that RULES!!!

Hay-lo, Ha-lo, Halooo So the Holidays are over till this friday and some are back to work till then, others are more lucky.  Either way you dice it, it's a bizarre in between time of year...and if you are like me and snowbound in the Northeast, it's the perfect time for treating your ears to … Continue reading Tuesday is Recycling day and that RULES!!!

Tuesday is Recycling Day…and I Looooove Recycling

Whattup Whattup!!!  So this week is Turkey filled awesomeness combined with annoying & awkward family interactions...pretty sweet!!!  Luckily I was hatched so I will just be doing my thang thang on the holiday; maybe a turkey sub from Subway.  I hear Jared loves em'... So this week I have TWO artists of the week recycled … Continue reading Tuesday is Recycling Day…and I Looooove Recycling

OHHH SNAP! I’m back and badder than ever…

HOOOOLIIEEE COW!!!  It's been a minute right???  Well I was on Hiatus for a min but I am now back, for the time being at least, and I have got some crazy stuff for you!!!   I have been planning this Euro trip for January, which is going pretty well, next I have my recycled Artist … Continue reading OHHH SNAP! I’m back and badder than ever…

Whuttup Wednesday; Ketchup Edition!!!

Hollerate!!!  What's good???  Hope your week is cruising like you were ghost riding the whip (slow and rudderless???).  In anycase cool things here at the halodoesntsuck labs...most notably a back catalog of Artist of the Week's coming at you like Blau (SP?)!!!  So sit back and enjoy the ride before you have to hope off … Continue reading Whuttup Wednesday; Ketchup Edition!!!

Whuttup Wednesday!!!

Hollerate!!!  So things are getting hectic around the Halodoesntsuck studios...August is gonna be a BEAST; Two weeks on the road with Pseudo Slang (Chicago artist on Fatbeats Records, check the link!!!) and two private events the following two weekends!!!  Oye Veh!!!  But, it's gonna be good time for sure...since I was absent last week with … Continue reading Whuttup Wednesday!!!

Whuttup Wednesday; Tour Edition!!!

Hey Hey!!!  Coming at you live from Starbucks in Portland ME (Ohh how I hate them in real life, but LOVE their internet on tour) for the first date of the Zero Gravity Hip-Hop Mini-Tour.  Looking forward to meeting tons of new peeps, having fun, destroying stages and hopefully selling some GODDAMN CDs.  Well, now … Continue reading Whuttup Wednesday; Tour Edition!!!