OHHH SNAP! I’m back and badder than ever…

HOOOOLIIEEE COW!!!  It’s been a minute right???  Well I was on Hiatus for a min but I am now back, for the time being at least, and I have got some crazy stuff for you!!!   I have been planning this Euro trip for January, which is going pretty well, next I have my recycled Artist of the Week for this week aaaand a slew of new beats for you to peruse.  Sooooo, let’s get into it!!!

DJ HALO Takes Europe!!!

I will be doing dates in London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Prague…stay tuned for the specifics as dates get confirmed.


Artist of the Week; Wordspit

A lot of folks may recognize WordSpit from his appearance in the Dollar Van Demos McDonald’s commercial that ran earlier this year. Believe it or not, it was an instance where a billion dollar company was recognizing the impact of underground hip-hop. WordSpit is not a corporate shill, he’s a veteran emcee in New York City’s underground hip-hop scene, and this week I caught up with him to find out what kind of effect the ad campaign has had on his visibility, who he is as an artist, and where he gets his insane amount of energy from. For full story visit Adamsworld Blog



So I have been finishing up a GANG of old stems and making new tracks in the last few days, like Books, you should…CHECKEMOUT



1996 RULES



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