Whuttup Wednesday; Ketchup Edition!!!

Hollerate!!!  What’s good???  Hope your week is cruising like you were ghost riding the whip (slow and rudderless???).  In anycase cool things here at the halodoesntsuck labs…most notably a back catalog of Artist of the Week’s coming at you like Blau (SP?)!!!  So sit back and enjoy the ride before you have to hope off the hood and steer for a minute out of the way of that HUGE Mack truck…Ghost riding is the best…

Artist of the Week 8/16/10; Illus

Born in Bridgeport, CT, raised in Stratford, educated throughout NYC, and now residing in New Haven, Illus is known for a variety of artistic endeavors. A veteran when it comes the pen and the pad in more ways than just one, in addition to penning his lyrics, Illus is also an accomplished comic book artist, and has led panel discussions on the topic at CMJ, NYU, and various Comic-Cons. His latest album, Feel Good Music, is a collaboration with producer J.J. Brown, and it’s already drawing rave reviews from the likes of Chuck D, who Illus notes “said it was one of the best albums of the year on his radio show.” He adds “hearing him say that was pretty amazing.” This week I caught up with Illus to find out more about his dual loves, in what ways they crossover, and the song he felt he had to make.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…

Artist of the Week 8/23/10; Hank & Cupcakes

A few weeks ago I made a trip into the city to see Hank & Cupcakes. I’d heard, and dug, their self-titled EP and figured they’d be a good time live. With Hank, bass in hand, hitting the stage in sunglasses and unbuttoned coveralls, and Cupcakes taking her place standing behind her drums, wearing a shiny silver half jacket over a cropped top and also donning shades, I knew the performance I was about to see was definitely going to be different. In this case, different was good. Very good. Funky, vibrant, and just plain fun, Hank & Cupcakes are dance music with an attitude, and within one song they had the entire audience, myself included, moving to their beat. I caught up with the duo soon after the show to find out more about who Hank & Cupcakes are, how Cupcakes fell in love with the drums, and where they feel the unintentional sex appeal of their music comes from.  For full article, visit Adam’s World Blog…

Artist of the Week 8/30/10; Navegante

Hearing a Latin infused version of the Depeche Mode classic “Personal Jesus” is the kind of thing that perks my ears up and makes me take notice. The two man band that was providing the tune was Navegante, and they were opening for last week’s Artist Of The Week, Hank & Cupcakes. I started paying close attention to their set, which was heavy with thumping bass lines that moved the crowd. I was really impressed and left with their latest EP, which is self-titled. This week I caught up with both men of Navegante, Jean Shepherd and Washington Duke (pictured L to R), to find out more about their music, their migration to being unclassifiable genre-wise, and what they’ve learned after experiencing more than their fair share of industry shadiness. For full article visit Adam’s World Blog…

Artist of the Week 9/6/10; Mariella

It’s rare, but every once in a while the entire hip-hop community embraces a female singer and makes her an integral part the scene. In New York City that singer is Mariella. Along with iLLspoKinN, Mariella co-hosts Freestyle Mondays at Sin Sin, one of the city’s longstanding hip-hop events, and that, along with the respect everyone has for her singing abilities, has made her one of the first ladies of NYC’s underground hip-hop scene. This week I caught up with Mariella to find out about her journey in music, how she became a part of the city’s hip-hop community, and the interesting way Bob Ross has had an impact on her life. Yes, that Bob Ross, the king of the white man afro.  For full article, visit Adam’s World Blog…

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