Cotdamn that was FUNNNNN!!!

YOOOOO!!!  Just Dropped Noah and Brzo to their respective public transit destinations and am posted up in Starbucks in Boston waiting for my Homie Maestro1ton of Agari Crew before I head back to NYC to Rock my Saturday residency @ Karma Lounge.  I have had THE MOST fun in the past 4 days that I have had in a while!!!  Big shouts to Brzowski (Portland ME), Noah 23 (Gulph, Canada), Nobody Cares (Dover NH), Eyenine (Dover NH), HW (Boston MA) and all the other acts we rocked with on the Zero Gravity Hip-Hop tour!!!  All the shows were super hype, people were really receptive to the music and just straight up fuuuun chillin with the homies for a few days on the road!!!  Even with sleeping on floors and couches that last week, I can’t really quantify how great I feel right now!!!  Thank You Portland ME (Big Easy), Dover NH (The Brickhouse) & Cambridge/Boston MA (Western Front) for having great crowds interested in what we were doing…as well as a BIG shout to for letting us post up in the store and out of the heat before the show last night.  If you missed the shows, I’m sure you will hear about them…Now Back to the grind.

Next week is gonna be Choc-A-Bloc with halodoesntsuck goodness…BBE mixtape entry, Interviews, Solo Podcast, Artist of the Week and Much, Much More!!!   Stay tuned for details of the Psuedo Slang North East run I will be doing the first half of August too.  It’s shaping up to be a busy summer!!!

Whuttup Wednesday; Tour Edition!!!

Hey Hey!!!  Coming at you live from Starbucks in Portland ME (Ohh how I hate them in real life, but LOVE their internet on tour) for the first date of the Zero Gravity Hip-Hop Mini-Tour.  Looking forward to meeting tons of new peeps, having fun, destroying stages and hopefully selling some GODDAMN CDs.  Well, now that that’s been said…feel free to come out to the dates and get a free Hi5 from yours truely (Low5 costs extra, sorry it’s the economy, talk to Alan Greenspan)!!!  With all the Tour odds and ends to wrap I have slacked on getting all these things I promised done (SXSW 2010; Collected Interviews from the Dirty Dirty, New Ruff Mixes, etc.).  Fear not!!!  Next week will be Choc-A-Bloc full of Halodoesntsuck goodness…now let’s stop with the rambles and get to the meat of the this post…Artist of the Week!!!  This week’s Artist of the Week actually also got mention in my latest edition of Subways & Sidewalks ft. Sketch tha Cataclysm (which you can Listen to HERE…or Download HERE).


Many great producers don’t get the face time they deserve, which is why this week I made a trip behind the boards to catch up with beatsmith extraordinaire, Willie Green. Originally from Hartford, CT, but now residing in Brooklyn, there’s a good chance you’ve heard Green’s work, but just don’t realize it. He has production credits on the Super Chron Flight Bros’ latest album, Cape Verde, and on Premonition’s just released The Build. Green’s latest solo release is Dirty Jordans and when he sat down with me we discussed the album, why he likes the idea of dirty, rather than clean, Jordans, and what he has in common with some other famous Willie Greens, including an NBA player and an organic farm.  For full Article visit Adam’s World Blog...


Ruff Mix Mondays; Podcast Edition!!!

Sup Foool!!!  I hope your weekend was super fantasticalicious…Mine???  Eh…This week’s Ruff mix is an early peek at the new Subways & Sidewalks that will be going up @ tomorrow!!!  Say word for leaked stuff…

Click on the tracklisting cover above or HERE, to download…But what if I just want to listen to it and not download???  Yeah, yeah I know, I am working on it.  Stop telling me how to live my life, site reader…

DJ Halo Takes on New England!!!

That’s right!  This week I will be hitting the road tough with the homies Noah 23 and Brzowski for a three date jaunt of rappermatical mayhem…Check the Flyer and dates below for more info and if you are in the area come out and get a Hi-5 or maybe even buy a CD (I actually unearthed a cash of Heart & Soul CD’s the other day so get em while the getting is good).

BRZOWSKI (Portland,ME)
NOAH 23 (Guelph,Ontario, Canada)

Wed. July 14 Portland, ME (Brzowski turns 29…again!)
The Big Easy 55 Market St.
$5 21+ 10pm

Thur. July 15 Dover NH
Dover Brick House, 2 Orchard St.
$7 21+ 10pm
(w/ Coincidence, Early Adopted, Nobody Cares)

Fri. July 16 Cambridge, MA
The Western Front, 343 Western Avenue
$10 21+ 10pm
(w/ H.W., Sicarii, Left Over Wine, Reason of PDP)

Whuttup Wednesday; Recylcing Edition!!!

Hey, Hey!!!  So it is about a million and 2 degrees outside the frosty AC of the Halodoesntsuck studios and I am not feeling it AT ALL…can’t it be winter already, at least fall???  Lots of cool stuff coming up soon; Tour with Noah 23 & Brzowski, Rocking at Live @ 5, a few mixes and some new beats should be all served up by this time next week…Awwww Snap!!!  Wanna say Peace to the two Japanese girls who freaking KILLED it last night at the Full Spectrum showcase.  Tried to converse with the DJ but it was quite clear she had a limited grasp of English…c’est la vie.

[late] Artist of the Week this week is no other than all city famous Beatboxer…Greymatter!!!  Check it…

You may remember a few weeks ago I told a story about meeting two artists while waiting for the 6 train. The first artist was the recently featured Truth Now. The artist that was doing the beatboxing during their freestyle session was Grey Matter. After honing his craft and linking up with Kid Lucky and Beatboxer Entertainment, Grey Matter, although he still loves a good session on the train, has become one of the leading beatboxers in NYC. This week I caught up with him to find out more about how he became interested in beatboxing, why we see so few great beatboxers today, and the secret power of beatboxing that was revealed to him in Paris.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog

On last thing…

Just a graphic design piece I did recently, the text is taken from a Common Market song (Winter Takes All) off their album Tobacco Road…click on the JPEG to check their site.