Whuttup Wednesday!

Hey Hey!  Got some really great stuff for you today from the homies Ice Box and Rashaan Ahmad as well as some stuff from your's truely...let's get down on the get down! ICE BOX 'We Are All Connected' A great new video from the Northeast super group of PT Burnem, Eyenine & Paulie Think for … Continue reading Whuttup Wednesday!

Cotdamn that was FUNNNNN!!!

YOOOOO!!!  Just Dropped Noah and Brzo to their respective public transit destinations and am posted up in Starbucks in Boston waiting for my Homie Maestro1ton of Agari Crew before I head back to NYC to Rock my Saturday residency @ Karma Lounge.  I have had THE MOST fun in the past 4 days that I … Continue reading Cotdamn that was FUNNNNN!!!