Whuttup Wednesday!

Hey Hey!  Got some really great stuff for you today from the homies Ice Box and Rashaan Ahmad as well as some stuff from your’s truely…let’s get down on the get down!

ICE BOX ‘We Are All Connected’

A great new video from the Northeast super group of PT Burnem, Eyenine & Paulie Think for their lead off single from the Ice Box EP; totally DIY steeze, totally cold and totally awesome!  Peep game and for more info on Ice Box check the DIY Bandits site, EP available on vinyl and digitally now.

Rashaan Ahmad ft. Rita J and Moe Pope ‘I AM’

Rashaan Ahmad ft. Rita J and Moe Pope ‘Hey Now’

Two really great videos from the long time homie Rashaan Ahmad from his album ‘For What You’ve Lost’ both featuring the Chicago/Boston connect of Rita J and Moe Pope.  Sooo fresh, you need this in your life!  Would I lie to you?

Heart & Soul now on Bandcamp!

My 2008 Magnum Opus of a sonic love letter is now available on Bandcamp in any format you could think of so take a listen, download it, love and bring a box of tissues…Click the cover art above or the link HERE to check it out!

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