Whuttup Wednesday; Recylcing Edition!!!

Hey, Hey!!!  So it is about a million and 2 degrees outside the frosty AC of the Halodoesntsuck studios and I am not feeling it AT ALL…can’t it be winter already, at least fall???  Lots of cool stuff coming up soon; Tour with Noah 23 & Brzowski, Rocking at Live @ 5, a few mixes and some new beats should be all served up by this time next week…Awwww Snap!!!  Wanna say Peace to the two Japanese girls who freaking KILLED it last night at the Full Spectrum showcase.  Tried to converse with the DJ but it was quite clear she had a limited grasp of English…c’est la vie.

[late] Artist of the Week this week is no other than all city famous Beatboxer…Greymatter!!!  Check it…

You may remember a few weeks ago I told a story about meeting two artists while waiting for the 6 train. The first artist was the recently featured Truth Now. The artist that was doing the beatboxing during their freestyle session was Grey Matter. After honing his craft and linking up with Kid Lucky and Beatboxer Entertainment, Grey Matter, although he still loves a good session on the train, has become one of the leading beatboxers in NYC. This week I caught up with him to find out more about how he became interested in beatboxing, why we see so few great beatboxers today, and the secret power of beatboxing that was revealed to him in Paris.  For full article visit Adam’s World Blog

On last thing…

Just a graphic design piece I did recently, the text is taken from a Common Market song (Winter Takes All) off their album Tobacco Road…click on the JPEG to check their site.

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