Ruff Mix Mondays; Podcast Edition!!!

Sup Foool!!!  I hope your weekend was super fantasticalicious…Mine???  Eh…This week’s Ruff mix is an early peek at the new Subways & Sidewalks that will be going up @ tomorrow!!!  Say word for leaked stuff…

Click on the tracklisting cover above or HERE, to download…But what if I just want to listen to it and not download???  Yeah, yeah I know, I am working on it.  Stop telling me how to live my life, site reader…

DJ Halo Takes on New England!!!

That’s right!  This week I will be hitting the road tough with the homies Noah 23 and Brzowski for a three date jaunt of rappermatical mayhem…Check the Flyer and dates below for more info and if you are in the area come out and get a Hi-5 or maybe even buy a CD (I actually unearthed a cash of Heart & Soul CD’s the other day so get em while the getting is good).

BRZOWSKI (Portland,ME)
NOAH 23 (Guelph,Ontario, Canada)

Wed. July 14 Portland, ME (Brzowski turns 29…again!)
The Big Easy 55 Market St.
$5 21+ 10pm

Thur. July 15 Dover NH
Dover Brick House, 2 Orchard St.
$7 21+ 10pm
(w/ Coincidence, Early Adopted, Nobody Cares)

Fri. July 16 Cambridge, MA
The Western Front, 343 Western Avenue
$10 21+ 10pm
(w/ H.W., Sicarii, Left Over Wine, Reason of PDP)

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