Ruff Mix Monday: Happy Holidays!!!

WHOA WHOA WHOA!  It's been said a thousand times already and will be undoubtably said again, "Where did this year go?"; I can't say for sure but I def had some good ass times though.  Have updated the Podcasts and Releases sections to be up to date (finally!) and have a few other odds and ends … Continue reading Ruff Mix Monday: Happy Holidays!!!

Tuesday is Recycling day and that RULES!!!

Hay-lo, Ha-lo, Halooo So the Holidays are over till this friday and some are back to work till then, others are more lucky.  Either way you dice it, it's a bizarre in between time of year...and if you are like me and snowbound in the Northeast, it's the perfect time for treating your ears to … Continue reading Tuesday is Recycling day and that RULES!!!