Ruff Mix Monday: Happy Holidays!!!

WHOA WHOA WHOA!  It’s been said a thousand times already and will be undoubtably said again, “Where did this year go?”; I can’t say for sure but I def had some good ass times though.  Have updated the Podcasts and Releases sections to be up to date (finally!) and have a few other odds and ends to post up today so enjoy.

Big Willie Dynamite – Cannonball Rally Video

That brand NEW-NEW from the homie Marc Stretch and his new group Big Willie Dynamite from their new album Joes vs. Pros which you can preview on their bandcamp HERE.



I have two mixes that are a bit dated but I have been HECKKKA busy this year so you get a recycle of two great holidays mixes I have done in the past, might still pull out a last minute mix like a rabbit from my hat, but it looks doubtful…BOOOOO (yes, yes I know)!



Blue Sky Black Death – Euphoric Tape II

The Seattle/Bay Area duo is back at it again after the release of their new album Glaciers on Fake Four Inc.  All instrumentals that have been or intended to be rapped on, so emcees get to beat jacking!

Sixo & LEIF[kolt] – Rocker John Video

Not a new track as this was on the ‘Free Floating Rationales’ album, but the video is news to me.  I LOVE THIS SONG and now it part of a Free Sixo & Leif[kolt] EP called ‘Absent Bodied’ as part of Fake Four Free Fridays which is a new Free release on the FFI Bandcamp every Friday in December.


Tuesday is Recycling day and that RULES!!!

Hay-lo, Ha-lo, Halooo

So the Holidays are over till this friday and some are back to work till then, others are more lucky.  Either way you dice it, it’s a bizarre in between time of year…and if you are like me and snowbound in the Northeast, it’s the perfect time for treating your ears to a swelltastic listen to some great music and eyes to some reading material.  That said, I have a HUGE amount of stuff (New Artist of the Week, Subways & Sidewalks #8, and TWO Christmas Music Mixes) for you to nosh on while you are waiting for 2011 to happen!!!


Artist of the Week; Foul Mouth Jerk

I gotta admit, I was late to the game when it comes to finding out about Foul Mouth Jerk. A buddy of mine who’s the saxophone player for Deep Banana Blackout hipped me to Foul Mouth Jerk’s music when Jerk and TopR were playing a show by me at the Acoustic Cafe. I was blown away by how great their live show was. All of the call and response moments were honest, rather than contrived, they were fantastic lyrically, and, most importantly, they were having fun on stage. Cracking jokes with the crowd, and each, other in-between songs, and even accidentally inspiring a young woman to expose some skin, they gave the crowd serious hip-hop, but didn’t necessarily take themselves too seriously. I loved the vibe they created and caught up with Foul Mouth Jerk after a return performance a few months later that was a celebration of the release of his new album, The Oldest Trick In The Book. During our conversation we discussed the new album, as well as the culture shock of moving from New Jersey to North Carolina, and his linking up with one of Jersey’s most celebrated underground hip-hop duos.  For Full article visit Adam’s World Blog


Subways & Sidewalks #8 Ft. DJ Deja!!!

A brand Spanking new Subways & Sidewalks is coming at you like Blau!!!  This episode features the lovely and talented DJ Deja from NYC!  Unfortunately because mother nature was being a BOWZA we couldn’t get together in studio, so she did the next best thing…sent me an AMAZING 20 min mix to use in my podcast!  Doooope!!! If you are feeling her mix I HIGHLY suggest you check both her Twitter & Soundcloud pages.  Click the link above or HERE to download…


It’s A DJ HALO Christmas!!!

Christmas isn’t over yet!!!  I know it’s a bit late in the game for this, but it was originally produced to send out to my email list (if you haven’t signed up, check the sidebar!!!) buuuut I figured why waste a great mix like this of traditional Christmas Music, I am pretty sure it happens every year so maybe you can rock it next year while trimming your tree…Click the link above or HERE to Download.  PS Lady Gaga Christmas song = Bonkers…


DJ HALO’s Christmas Carnage 2010


This mix of entirely Hip-Hop Christmas tunes was curated and compiled by the homie Chaz Kangas (check him out cause he’s DOOOOOPE) as part of his regular Christmas Mix series, but seeing as how this was the 10th year, he asked me to do the scratch wicka wicka and mix the songs to make this year’s extra special.  Check out more info on the Facebook invite HERE or just click the album art above to Download!!!


Now Off to Europe…