Ruff Mix Recycling Day…and I LUUUUVVV Recycling

BLau!!!  Coming at you this Tuesday afternoon with a TON of dope goodies; 2 Pop Session Mixes, 2 Artists of the Week and 1 plea to help a homie win an online DJ competition…WOE!!!  Yeah it’s that jam packed.  Biggup as always to Adam’s World Blog for letting me relentlessly JACK site content, and not even threaten to punch me in the face…although that may change as I recently told him I think I might have killed one of his homies…I can’t be sure though, but it MIGHT have been one of them.  Plus there’s going to be the usual sprinkle of pontificating about future events as well…will they come to pass???  I guess you’ll have to wait and see…WHALLAH!!!

HALO Sessions; Pop Mixes

For this segment of Halo Sessions I present to you 2 pop music mixes I did as various demos within recent memory; both have alot of bright moments, some EH moments and a few WTF moments.  Overall a fun listen in general of some audio crack Top 40 tunes you know and love.  Click the links below to DL, Peep game and you bee the judge…


This demo was made for a high energy type spot that is not so down with the rippty rapp rappin…No Worries!!! I got you covered…showing off Pop’s danceable side like that record i found in the trash behind the library when I was but a pup in the DJ game…memories


This demo was created for a specific party promoter who wanted a mix of all things Urban…Voila!!!  Some fun mixes here and alot of crappy RnB…



Showtyme 2/28/11

O.I.S.D.uary is coming to a close this week with the last, but certainly not least, member of O.I.S.D. to be featured here, Showtyme. For those looking in recent Artist Of The Week history and only seeing four of the members of O.I.S.D. you might be wondering “where’s J.Monopoly?” He was actually featured in 2009 back when “Right In The Kissah,” his collaboration with Top $ Raz and Kalil Kash, was tearing the roof off shows all over NYC.

With O.I.S.D. prepping a new album, and with them having become one of NYC’s preeminent underground hip-hop groups, I decided to dedicate the entire month’s worth of Artist Of The Week features to them. I asked the members of the group the same questions so their distinct personalities could shine. One of my favorite results from this are the different stories of how each member came to be a part of the group. J.O. led off the series of interviews, E.Y.E.Q batted second, Khid 2 Che was featured last week, and now Showtyme is closing things out and tying up any loose ends. For full article please visit Adam’s World Blog…

Chronikill 3/7/11

The Chronikill trio of Charlie Cypher, Zerox One, aka Rox, and Keyno Speedz have been a staple on New York City’s underground hip-hop scene for quite a while now. Whether it’s been their own performances, or the Doin’ Alright series of shows they throw at the Bowery Poetry Club, they know how to pack a place, and they know how the keep their wall to wall crowds happy. I caught up with all three members of Chronikill this week to find out a little bit about their history, what goes into throwing a successful event, and what some of the wilder Chronikill and Doin’ Alright moments have been. Spoiler alert – stage diving and crackheads are BOTH involved.  For full article please visit Adam’s World Blog…



YES YES!!!  The Homie and Cut Crew Member DJ Anubus has entered the wild world of Online DJ Battles (WHOA Blossom…) and I am asking you to both check the routine below and if you are feeling it, click the link below and vote for his routine.  What do you get out of doing this???  Uhhh, the satisfaction that you helped boost someone else’s ego and garner them praise despite your’s being horribly bruised and in desperate need of praise???  Stop being a baby and JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!

If you are feeling the routine click the link HERE to vote for DJ Anubus!!!



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