Thugg Thursday!!!

What is crackin ya’ll!  Have a few tasty treats from the homies Kay The Aquanaut, Mobil and Eddie Logix this week as well as a couple of notes on great events I am doing this weekend so sit back, relax and give that 10% at your place of employ…

Saskatoon’s Kay the Aquanaut and Regina’s Merky Waters join forces

The homie from Saskatoon asked me to help promo this project so I peeped it and it’s bananas, peep game fool courtesy of our friends at… Hip hop artist Kay the Aquanaut has kindly dropped his latest track “Yep, the sky is falling…” on Ominocity for our readers to enjoy. The song is the first collaboration between Kay and Regina’s Merky Waters who produced the track. Also featured is Enver Hampton on bass. Kay will be releasing an EP produced entirely by Factor under the group name Laika entitled “Pangaean Drift” on July 3rd. A full length album is expected in early 2013.  To listen and download the track click HERE

Kay The Aquanaut – Yep The Sky Is Falling…

Mobil Home and Eddie Logix Join Forces to bring you…MOBiLOGIX

The Detroit Homies Eddie Logix and Mobil Home produced and album together with a tone of ILL features (Danny Brown, Guilty Simpson, Leif Erikson) and it BANGS!  No lie, peep the tracks for download below as well as the Bandcamp if you are not believing me…yeah, I knew you’d come around.

The Clank ft. Danny Brown and Guilty Simpson

Stop The World ft. Guilty Simpson and Metasyons


I have a couple of great events cracking this weekend if you are in the NYC/CT area on Saturday or Sunday; Hope to see you out there!!!

Saturday May 19 @ The Bomb Shelter

We are going in real big in New Haven for this one: me on the decks, Sidestep ComplexPolitical AnimalsAtmanPaulie Think and more!!!  A night soon not forgotten, unless you do something that would make you forget…For more info click the flyer or the link HERE to check the FB invite

Sunday May 20th @ Public Assembly

This is going to be a BANGER of an event, it’s during the day, all ages, B Boys, Live Band, ILL DJs, non-stop music for 5 hours…basically come out and get loose for 5 hours on a Sunday and be in bed in time to not suffer on Monday.  Could it get any better really?  I doubt it…ohh wait it does; this is going to be a monthly event!!!  Ohh word?!  This month features the talents of myself and Rob Swift (xecutioners) on the wheels, a live funk band, hosted by the homie Nabil and performances by rap legends theArtifacts as well as one of the most exciting new emcees out Silent Knight.  I wouldNOT miss this one!  For more info click the flyer or link HERE to check the FB invite.

Freakout Friday!

Yo, Yo!  So I was up this morning at 5am after what I assume was a nightmare and tried to write this post before but just couldn’t get it done…writer’s block I guess.  I got a few notes for you to get that weekend started off ‘on the good foot’ as James Brown would say.  woooooordddd.

Rob Swift Roc’s for Roc Raida

Big shouts to Adam’s World Blog  for always letting me jack his site content!

When someone passes away we can mourn them, celebrate their life, or do a little bit of both. For DJ Rob Swift, he decided it was time to celebrate the life of his friend Roc Raida, who passed away in 2009 from cardiac arrest. The project Swift has put together, titled Roc For Raida, features both the music and the thoughts on the fallen X-Ecutioners member. Swift describes it as “a really honest and genuine representation of Roc Raida the artist, the person, the human being.” Not only that, Swift is convinced that Roc had a hand in putting it together, and he told me the interesting story of how. In addition to discussing how the album came to fruition, Swift also shared his ideas on how we as a community stay positive despite so many of our peers passing away, and he revealed the one rapper who’s brain he’d love to pick.

Read the full interview at

D-Sisive ‘Ghetto Bastard’

If you are unfamiliar with Naughty by Nature’s 1991 hit ‘Ghetto Bastard’ you are not much of a Hip-Hop fan, or at least haven’t been one for very long…yeah, yeah I know there’s tons of artists out there and all, but there are just some songs that you should at least have heard of.  This is one of them and Canadian MC D-Sisive does an incredible job capturing the emotional feeling of this song in a completely different context.  DOOOOPE!

and if you are unfamiliar with the original track here’s the video…Ohh Yo! MTV Raps! I miss you