Ruff Mix Mondays…I’m Baaaack!!!

Yo, Yo!  Back from my ‘Summer Jam’ whirlwind through the Midwest and badder than ever.  Peace to all who I performed for, stayed with, chilled with while I was out last week!!!  Good times were had by all, ladies shook their butts, retarded driving schedules were kept, many miles and thousands of Bugs (maaan there is a lot of Insects in the Midwest!) were put on my poor new Element.  Got a new piece of studio equipment (Roland 303 Groovebox!!! Thanks Chris!!!) and am ready to crush it while I am home for the next 6 weeks on the production tip, so be on the looks for MASSIVE amounts of new beats and remixes.  Word.

This week’s Ruff Mix is a Subways & Sidewalks Podcast that is my first episode to be syndicated by the Podcast Network!!!  It features long time homie and live show collaborator Plus as my guest host and is totally ballistic (like you’d expect anything different from me???).  Check Plus @ his site, listen to the podcast @ or simply click the photo below to download.  HOLLA!!!

Only the thuggest can rock Furr Trim

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