Recycling on the Road!!! Saving the Planet one state at a time…

Greetings from the DJ HALO Summer Jam Tour Midwest!!!   Thus far all has gone super well on my first foray into the wilderness as a solo DJ on tour…Shouts are in order at this point; Peace to Dante Le Salle, Deckmaster D, Division gallery, DeeJay Pikel, MadAdam, Mince Meat Radio (Sorry it didn’t work out…curse you Candanada!!!), Paul Simpson, WCBN music dept, aaaand Starbucks (corp Sponsorship???) for the internet use that has allowed me to post up and ramble like this…On to St. Louis and Kansas City!!!  So the post is two fold; Artist of the Week as usual and a tribute to the Writer who influenced my personal style the most of anyone R.I.P DARE (TWS).  Let’s get durrrty so I can break out like I was 15…Hoooooo!!!!


Every once in a while I get an album that makes me step back and say “whoa, this guy (or woman) is really good.” It happened most recently when I first heard godAWFUL’s Songs In The Key of Awful Vol. 1. A seriously talented emcee and producer, godAWFUL has all the skills and personality one could hope for in an artist and is potentially one of the few emcees who could really make a big impact coming out of Connecticut. When he’s not writing or recording, godAWFUL says he can be found in places that feature “good vibes, strong beverages and pretty women,” and while I couldn’t find a place quite like that to interview him, I did catch up with him this week to find out more about his music, why he has no problem spending time in the Penalty Box, and what he considers God awful.  For Full Article visit Adam’s World Blog...

In Addition to the article, I had a chance to sit down with godAwful and throw together a podcast with him co-hosting and featuring a TON of music off his new album ‘godAwful Music’ which you can download FOR FREE, HERE, or click the link below…

godAWFUL Podcast

R.I.P!!! DARE (TWS) Germany!!!!

While perusing sites a while back I noticed that THE most influential writer to my development as a writer myself has sadly passed away from cancer.  I cannot express how much this man helped me to shape how I drew and saw what I wanted my pieces to look like in my head, I can only imagine how many others are like me…My Hat’s off to you sir for being a TRUE original, moment of silence please…Please check the link HERE for a really cool Montage Video and short paragraph about the man Sigi von Koeding aka DARE.

OK cool, now let’s get down to checking out how AAAAAMAZING DARE was.  You’ll see why I choose to bite this guy to create my style…

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