Whuttup Wednesday!!! Recycling, Tour, Mixes…

Holy Crap!!!  Whut the F is up…it’s Halo the F-ing G…HUGE Update today that is choc-a-blok with goodies!!!  Let’s get into it cause i gotta bounce for the Halo Summer Jam Tour like right now.

First up, is this week’s Artists of the Week; MC Faceman!!!  Holler!!!

Sometimes it takes doing something a little different to get noticed. The MC Faceman knows this, which is why at the last Bondfire he jumped on stage with a megaphone for his time on the mic. I’d known The MC Faceman for a little while, and knew he was a talented emcee, but in a sea of artists, it was the megaphone that made me remember him most out of all the amazing acts I saw that night. Earlier this month The MC Faceman released the free downloadable EP 2010: The Year of The Worker Bee, and this week I caught up with him to find out more about his music, how the internet helped give him his name, and why he’s much more interested in meeting contractors and lawyers than famous people.
For full article visit Adam’s World Blog


Yes, Yes!!!  A few mixes have been bubbling in the Halodoesntsuck labs and here are two good ones; One Electro and One straight commercial Hip-Hop…Peep Game!!!

Gangster Grillz with the MOST ILL

Just a live mix I recorded of newer tracks I had gotten recently and it came out pretty decent…Click the cover art or Link above to Download.

It’s a Demo!!!  Hip-Hop for the Cluuuub

Commercial Hip-Hop Demo I made literally yesterday and I am feeling how it came out…Checkit!!!  Click the Cover art or link above to Download.


That’s right, it’s BBQ season and all so i am hitting the road to rock out with my homies across the country!!!  Check the dates below….

Thursday 6/3 @ Rock Bar, Plymouth MI
Friday 6/4 @ B. Dubs, Deerborn MI
Saturday 6/5 @ TBA, Chicago IL
Sunday 6/6 @ Mince Meat Radio, Windsor MI
Monday 6/7 @ TBA, Ann Arbor MI
Tuesday 6/8 @ TBA, St. Louis MO
Wednesday 6/9 @ TBA, Kansas City, MO
Barring any last min books I should be back up to NYC on Friday for HOLLA!!! and Saturday Hookahs & Halos…

Aiight that’s all for now, have a long drive ahead of me and I am already late (thaaanks website…rrr)!

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