Ruff Mix Mondays!

Holy snap!  New studio is up and running, functionally at least, so here’s a hot off the griddle podcast.

Subways & Sidewalks #15 Grand Re-Opening Edition

S&S Grand ReOpening Cover

Comes out tomorrow on where you can stream it or download it; shouts to DJ Flash for getting this up there and dealing with me being a crazy person…

Download S&S 15

Stream S&S 15 on Mixcloud

Playlist for Subways & Sidewalks #15

Factor – Alive Tomorrow ft. NOMAD (From Woke Up Alone out July 23)

Thelonius Tut – Get Hi ft. Calest (

Blue Sky Black Death & SAS – Valley of Kings ft. Cam’ron & P.A.P.I. (

Sadistik – Kill the King ft. Decon the Villian (From Flowers For My Father)

Aesop Rock – Harbor is Yours (HALO Remix)

Botzy – Thrill is Gone ft. Justyn Dow (From Buck Fotzy out July 11)

Blue Sky Black Death & Dinero Farrar – This is It ft. Child Actor (From Cliff of Death)

PremRock & Willie Green – Jogger ft. Open Mike Eagle (HALO Remix)

Bisco Smith & Bq:Ram – Picture Perfect (From Atlantic Sky)

Bisco Smith & Bq:Ram – Searching ft. Milly (From Atlantic Sky)

Sadistik – Russian Roulette ft. Cage & Yes Alexander (From Flowers For My Father)

JnaturaL – Push Away ft. Eligh (From Bad Woman Rising out June 9)

Sister Crayon – Cynic (From Cynic EP)

Willie Green – Fasho Fasho! ft. PremRock (From We Live In The Future)

Foreign Legion – Roommate Joint (From Playtight)

Whuttup Wednesday!

It’s hump day and like all weeks, you are close enough to the weekend to taste it, but far enough away to be at the bottom of your dispair about never getting there.  Buck up, here’s some items that should help get you through…we can do this, together (cue sappy/inspirational music in 3…2…1).

Corina Corina ‘O.D. Love’ (Deto-22 Remix)

Hot off the griddle from BK songstress Corina Corina and remixed by 1/4 of CT’s Phenetiks Crew, Deto-22.  I wouldn’t sleep if I were you…

Paper Tiger – The Sting feat Homeboy Sandman

New heater from Paper Tiger of the UK, not Doomtree’s Brooklyn Transplant (shouts to E. Lit on the correction; check dude’s blog.  Got some really insightful reviews in there) featuring NYC’s Stones Throw representative Homeboy Sandman; 7″ out on 5/13 via UK based Wah Wah 45’s which is a great little label out there is you are unfamiliar.

and for my electro heads…

Aesop Rock ‘Harbor is Yours’ (HALO Remix)

Harbor is Yours Remix Cover

Finally making music again, so I thought I’d share this pretty dark take on Aesop Rock’s “Harbor is Yours” one of my favorite tracks of his seminal album ‘None Shall Pass’. Enjoy, and if you are in the Bay area at all this saturday you might want to check me out spinning the jams all night at The Legionnaire Saloon and check the flyer as it came out pretty awesome, my comic nerds will know you that uber hot chick is. Word.


For more info check out the FACEBOOK INVITE

Fresh Friday; Remix Edition

So I have been going BALLISTIC this week in the Lab and actually working less than usual…AHHHmazing!!!  Have done a bunch of remixes for friends (Domer) and what knot (Aesop Rock) so check em out.  Then, check out the originals and all that jazz…you know how this music stuff snowBALLZ…ENJOY!!!

Actually will be releasing a Remix EP of Domer later in the Month on my   Bandcamp page which will include 5 remixes of ‘You’re On To Me’ and remixes of two other songs from the ‘Vaguest Vacation’ LP…stay tuned for all the exciting details on that!!!

Domer – You’re On To Me (HALO Remix)

Domer – You’re On To Me (AdamB Made Me Do It RE:Mix)

Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass (HALO Remix)

Aesop Rock Ft. Camp Lo – Limelighters (HALO Remix)