Ruff Mix Monday: You’re On To Me…

Leftovers???  Uhhh, yes please…

I hope all was well with your Turkey Day!  Turkey Day at the halodoesntsuck labs was pretty low key this year, certainly much less exciting and dramatic than last year for SURE.  So while most had time to be off and watch football and eat great food; I was hard at work in the lab to finish up this “You’re On To Me Remixes” EP and it is finally finished!!!  It’s four (loko?) remixes of ‘You’re On To Me’, two other remixes of tracks from the Vaguest Vacation LP and the original version of ‘You’re On To Me’. Verrrry exciting news to you I am sure…It should be all packaged and ready for digital distribution in about a week or so, but for now here are the two other remix tracks from the EP.  ENJOY!!!

Domer – Counting Sheep (HALO Remix)

Domer – Mello Me (HALO Remix)



Fresh Friday; Remix Edition

So I have been going BALLISTIC this week in the Lab and actually working less than usual…AHHHmazing!!!  Have done a bunch of remixes for friends (Domer) and what knot (Aesop Rock) so check em out.  Then, check out the originals and all that jazz…you know how this music stuff snowBALLZ…ENJOY!!!

Actually will be releasing a Remix EP of Domer later in the Month on my   Bandcamp page which will include 5 remixes of ‘You’re On To Me’ and remixes of two other songs from the ‘Vaguest Vacation’ LP…stay tuned for all the exciting details on that!!!

Domer – You’re On To Me (HALO Remix)

Domer – You’re On To Me (AdamB Made Me Do It RE:Mix)

Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass (HALO Remix)

Aesop Rock Ft. Camp Lo – Limelighters (HALO Remix)



Free Ice Cream Now!!!

Whuttup, Whuttup, Whuttup!!!  So my homies @ FreeIceCream are throwing a HUGE show this Thursday @ Bell House in BK so I thought I’d use the power of the World Wide Web to promo the show but mostly the cool music they are putting out…namely the Almost Fameless Mixtape Series which in a scant year has gotten up to Vol 4…Peep Game!!!!











In addition to making great music they are also in the biz of making hilarious videos…I really just like this one because Domer gets a chair (stool really) broken over his head…Hilarious!!!!


For info on this Thursday’s Show @ Bell House show check the flyer…

Bell House Flyer