Ruff Mix Mondays!

Allright, Allright, Allright.  Whew!  A whole week without a post, whate whate gwan you say?  I was busy with other work endeavors sadly, but fear not I am back on the grizzly this week in full effect and have a banger of a week lined up (shockingly, I do actually plan these things in advance); so let’s get into this edition of Ruff Mix Monday and take it from there…savvy?  Word.

New Remixes!!!

These remixes are in the last few months, but I haven’t shared them yet so I threw them up on Soundcloud to see what cats thought before I went in and monkey with them any further…the monkeying will commence this week so peep them before the get ruined!!!

Infinite Livez – Lucky You (HALO Remix)

I opened up for Infinite when I was DJing in Berlin and we got to talking…he had some accs up on bandcamp, I like remixing, 2+2=4 and all was right with the world.

Storm Davis – Snuggle Bunny (HALO Remix)

I have known Storm for a while now thanks to the homies The Metermaids and he recently sent me over this acc and I tired to get as busy as I could on it.  In usual HALO fashion, I just kinda evil-ed it up a bit…super rough draft so don’t get to used to the sound.

New Morning Show Archive ft. Data Romance

As you may or may not know, I have been blessed to have a temp co-host for the last month on my WPKN Morning show (Tuesdays 6-9am: 89.5fm, & iTunes radio) as well as have some great interviews.  All making for really enjoyable radio vs. shabby ole me in there by myself (waack) as per the usual.  This week has a great interview with the up-and-coming electronic group of Data Romance at the end of the show in addition to great music, news, views and all that jazz you can’t hear elsewhere on the radio dial (trust me).  Click the link below to stream it off the WPKN site. A downloadable archive will be up soon!

MORNINGS ON WPKN ft. INTERVIEW W/DATA ROMANCE                                                                                                                  

Marcel The Shell…WTF?

This video series is HILARIOUS!!!  Serious, I got put on last night and can’t stop thinking about it or hearing the lines in my head, it’s that good.  I will let the first video speak for its self…


MEGA Ruff Mix Monday!!!

Yo YO!!!  It’s already Monday in Berlin, I am coming the end of the HALO TAKES EUROPE TOUR and it has been a wild ride for sure.  All gigs were rocked proper, even under less than perfect conditions in some cases…Not gonna bore you with a tons of shout outs and ish like that, the peeps I met and rocked with were amazing and I hope to return the favor in the US as well as be back out for some one offs soon.  Basically lived the counter-culture DIY rockstar life for about 30 days; wake up around 12, walk around see some cool cultural stuff, put up MASSIVE amounts of stickers (check the few flicks below), made a few beats and a remix (also included below), bought some select records, hit the club to rock or check out other DJs, dance all night and got in at about 4-6am to do it over again.  AHHHMAZING times!!!  Check it…



Sage Francis – Slow Down Ghandi (HALO Remix)

A remix I did actually right before I left, it’s pretty good and already got a comment from the homie JayLaSoul (Whuttup Foo!!!).  I have just always loved the track and wanted to have my take on it.  Still kinda in progress, but for now this is it.  Oh yeah, the artwork was done (Dunn?) by me as well…yeah, yeah, multi talented, thanks…ENJOY!!!!

Serengeti ft. Sun Doobie & Vast Aire (???) – I Getz (HALO Remix)

Just a quickie remix I did while on the road…needs alot of work but it’s a good start at least.  Geti, Sun Doobie and I think Vast Aire…not sure though.  The stems were not really labeled well.  ENJOY!!!

This is what Tour Looks Like; Amsterdam

CLowN MonKeYs!!! Paris

So that’s just a bit of the Flavors of what I saw on the road in Europa Europa, if you click the pictures you can check the full album on FB.  Be sure to check back this week as I will be BANGING out many new tracks and other whatnots as it seems I will be snowed in for at least one day.  Out of the pan and into the FIRE…errr…I guess ICE is more appropriate.


Ruff Mix Monday: You’re On To Me…

Leftovers???  Uhhh, yes please…

I hope all was well with your Turkey Day!  Turkey Day at the halodoesntsuck labs was pretty low key this year, certainly much less exciting and dramatic than last year for SURE.  So while most had time to be off and watch football and eat great food; I was hard at work in the lab to finish up this “You’re On To Me Remixes” EP and it is finally finished!!!  It’s four (loko?) remixes of ‘You’re On To Me’, two other remixes of tracks from the Vaguest Vacation LP and the original version of ‘You’re On To Me’. Verrrry exciting news to you I am sure…It should be all packaged and ready for digital distribution in about a week or so, but for now here are the two other remix tracks from the EP.  ENJOY!!!

Domer – Counting Sheep (HALO Remix)

Domer – Mello Me (HALO Remix)



Fresh Friday; Remix Edition

So I have been going BALLISTIC this week in the Lab and actually working less than usual…AHHHmazing!!!  Have done a bunch of remixes for friends (Domer) and what knot (Aesop Rock) so check em out.  Then, check out the originals and all that jazz…you know how this music stuff snowBALLZ…ENJOY!!!

Actually will be releasing a Remix EP of Domer later in the Month on my   Bandcamp page which will include 5 remixes of ‘You’re On To Me’ and remixes of two other songs from the ‘Vaguest Vacation’ LP…stay tuned for all the exciting details on that!!!

Domer – You’re On To Me (HALO Remix)

Domer – You’re On To Me (AdamB Made Me Do It RE:Mix)

Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass (HALO Remix)

Aesop Rock Ft. Camp Lo – Limelighters (HALO Remix)



Ruff Mix Mondays!!!

Hey Hey!!!  Hope you had a great weekend, mine was all about…STUFF (ahhh, got ya! think I was gonna give details…not likely).  I any case, the STUFF was glorious and good times were had by all.  This Monday is a HUGE post of new material I have been working on recently (well it’s only 3 tracks, but still) and an interview with J-Zone!!!  Now I will just sit back and wait for the letters to pour in about how I changed your life…in the meantime, peep game below.  Click the cover art or link above to download…

Dizzee Rascal – Sirens (Halo Rmx)

Just messing around with remixing some accapellas I had lying around and this one came out particularly well, so now you must be subjected to it…fair enough???  Maaaan do I loooove grime rappers!!!

Sabac Red &. Brad Pitt – Vinyl Fight Club Rules

The original source for this was not an accapella per se, but a really cool spoken word piece from Sabac’s album ‘Sabacolypse’ and it’s all about my favorite thing in the world…sorry ladies, but it’s Vinyl Records.  I threw in the Fight Club speech just because it seemed like a fitting end to an otherwise short production.  You be the judge…

Try New Things

Not gonna lie, this production is kind of a mess…but there is a interesting beauty in its chaos…Won’t be the last you hear of this one, but I wanted to post it to the peanut gallery anyway.  What’s the worst that could happen; you stop checking the site, boycott my shows, put flaming bags of dookie on my porch (hey! I’m from KY, we love porches)???  Weeeelll, I’m willing to take that risk…

Interview; Halo sit down with J-Zone

I had a chance to sit down with J-Zone to talk about his record “To Love a Hooker” back when it came out (I actually was talking about the BITCH MAGNET shirts the other day…) and we talk about this, that and the other.  The usual meandering Halo interview…Zip comes with album art and two of my fav J-Zone tracks!!!  Click the covert art or link to download.

Well that’s all for my HUGE Ruff Mix Monday edition…I will be posting new podcast episodes (ft. Gawd awFul), Artist of the Week and other etceteras as they crystallize in my mind for a post over the course of the week.