Ruff Mix Mondays!

Allright, Allright, Allright.  Whew!  A whole week without a post, whate whate gwan you say?  I was busy with other work endeavors sadly, but fear not I am back on the grizzly this week in full effect and have a banger of a week lined up (shockingly, I do actually plan these things in advance); so let's … Continue reading Ruff Mix Mondays!

MEGA Ruff Mix Monday!!!

Yo YO!!!  It's already Monday in Berlin, I am coming the end of the HALO TAKES EUROPE TOUR and it has been a wild ride for sure.  All gigs were rocked proper, even under less than perfect conditions in some cases...Not gonna bore you with a tons of shout outs and ish like that, the … Continue reading MEGA Ruff Mix Monday!!!

Ruff Mix Monday: You’re On To Me…

Leftovers???  Uhhh, yes please... I hope all was well with your Turkey Day!  Turkey Day at the halodoesntsuck labs was pretty low key this year, certainly much less exciting and dramatic than last year for SURE.  So while most had time to be off and watch football and eat great food; I was hard at … Continue reading Ruff Mix Monday: You’re On To Me…

Fresh Friday; Remix Edition

So I have been going BALLISTIC this week in the Lab and actually working less than usual...AHHHmazing!!!  Have done a bunch of remixes for friends (Domer) and what knot (Aesop Rock) so check em out.  Then, check out the originals and all that know how this music stuff snowBALLZ...ENJOY!!! Actually will be releasing a … Continue reading Fresh Friday; Remix Edition

Ruff Mix Mondays!!!

Hey Hey!!!  Hope you had a great weekend, mine was all about...STUFF (ahhh, got ya! think I was gonna give details...not likely).  I any case, the STUFF was glorious and good times were had by all.  This Monday is a HUGE post of new material I have been working on recently (well it's only 3 … Continue reading Ruff Mix Mondays!!!