MEGA Ruff Mix Monday!!!

Yo YO!!!  It’s already Monday in Berlin, I am coming the end of the HALO TAKES EUROPE TOUR and it has been a wild ride for sure.  All gigs were rocked proper, even under less than perfect conditions in some cases…Not gonna bore you with a tons of shout outs and ish like that, the peeps I met and rocked with were amazing and I hope to return the favor in the US as well as be back out for some one offs soon.  Basically lived the counter-culture DIY rockstar life for about 30 days; wake up around 12, walk around see some cool cultural stuff, put up MASSIVE amounts of stickers (check the few flicks below), made a few beats and a remix (also included below), bought some select records, hit the club to rock or check out other DJs, dance all night and got in at about 4-6am to do it over again.  AHHHMAZING times!!!  Check it…



Sage Francis – Slow Down Ghandi (HALO Remix)

A remix I did actually right before I left, it’s pretty good and already got a comment from the homie JayLaSoul (Whuttup Foo!!!).  I have just always loved the track and wanted to have my take on it.  Still kinda in progress, but for now this is it.  Oh yeah, the artwork was done (Dunn?) by me as well…yeah, yeah, multi talented, thanks…ENJOY!!!!

Serengeti ft. Sun Doobie & Vast Aire (???) – I Getz (HALO Remix)

Just a quickie remix I did while on the road…needs alot of work but it’s a good start at least.  Geti, Sun Doobie and I think Vast Aire…not sure though.  The stems were not really labeled well.  ENJOY!!!

This is what Tour Looks Like; Amsterdam

CLowN MonKeYs!!! Paris

So that’s just a bit of the Flavors of what I saw on the road in Europa Europa, if you click the pictures you can check the full album on FB.  Be sure to check back this week as I will be BANGING out many new tracks and other whatnots as it seems I will be snowed in for at least one day.  Out of the pan and into the FIRE…errr…I guess ICE is more appropriate.


Sunday Seance…


I hope all had a happy SAFE NYE and didn’t have to say ‘I’m sorry’ too much the next day…I DJ’d a Private function in NYC that was OFF THE CHAIN.  Sooo Dope.  As is custom this time of year many are making resolutions and planning changes in their lives to coincide with the birth of a new year…that said, tomorrow I will be flying to Europe for the DJ HALO TAKES EUROPE tour and it gonna be a banger!!!  Check the dates below…

Jan 5 – London, UK

Jan 13 – Paris, France

Jan 20 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jan 27 – Prague, Czech Republic

Jan 29 – Berlin, Germany

It’s pretty much going to be dopesauce to the maxxx, very excited.  Peep the flyer for the Berlin show…

In addition to all this craziness, I also have two items to post before I…’jet’ (knuck knuck!) to Europe; An interview with the homie and fellow MINDSpray member Propaganda Anonymous and a session mix that might become a new series I do; mostly because I like the name of it and made two flyers for it…So let’s get into it and kick this year off from the start with a BANG.

Interview; Propaganda Anonymous


Photo by James Anshuntz

Prop and I have known each other for a looooong time; we chilled in college and later in MINDSpray (which was a total random occurence) so it’s only right that I had a chance to sit with him and talk about his new album ‘Squat the Condos’ and also his writings which can be seen at both and on politics, culture and other hot button issues.  The zip contains album art for both his releases (Corazon de Todo & Squat the Condos), the interview and my favorite track off the record (Nammo Tasso DJ Nihilist Remix).  To download click the picture above or the link HERE



This is just a practice mix I recorded because Jennie asked me to record the next time I practiced…I also gave the CD copy I had been previewing of it to a co-worker who said it was great, and thus a new series of mixes was born.  I guess it’s not unlike those Scratch Picklez practice tapes I used to get back in the day…Praise be to the honorable Alihjau Muhammad!!!  Peep the flyers below…and click on either of them, the link above or HERE to Download.