Fake Four Friday!

Live from ??? Maine

This is how you turn a kitchen into a recording studio…

Greetings on this TGIF and all that jazz, your humble narrator is coming to you live from somewhere maine (approx 50 mi north of Portland, that’s all I know) where last night I recorded a podcast with the long time homie Brzowski in prep for his new album A Fitful Sleep, which you can cop on Milled Pavement Records on 7/26 (Cop Dat, Cop Dat!).  Thanks to the swell woman behind the counter at the Comfort Inn I am coming to you live to bring you some exciting stuff from the bredren at Fake Four Inc. Records.  Additionally, I’ll be throwing in a Kay the Aquanaut Remix I did recently and a HILAROUS video I stumbled upon thanks again to my always-hipper-than-me sister, Rikki.  Let’s kick this weekend off right by half assing our jobs for the rest of the day and being bombed by 6pm…

Fake Four Friday: Progress Trap

This is a new recurring column I will be doing to highlight what I consider to be one of the best newer (less than 5 years) indie Hip-Hop (or otherwise) labels in recent memory Fake Four Inc.  This week’s submission come from the newest album by Sole & The Skyrider Band that will drop on tuesday 7/19 (cop that, cop that!).   This track has seen a TON of love on the Strange Famous Soundcloud page (it features Sage Francis) and has been posted all over the usual promo suspects (Twitter, FB, StuffInc, YourMom.com, maybe even Google+…), but I have just been sooooo impressed with the new LP Hello Cruel World that I had to throw in my 2 cents.   Below you can listen to the stream and download for FREE, which I think is a limited time thing, so get it while the getting is good…Enjoy!

Sole ft. Bleubird and K-The-I??? – Hustle Hard (Ace Hood Remix)

Off the Nuclear Winter Vol. 2 mixtape which has been dubbed by the man Sole himself as ‘Rap as Journalism’ you have a great new track and video to boot.  All songs off the mixtape have been made into videos actually so it’s worth a look when you are on your way to buy a copy of Hello Cruel World.  You can find out more about Nuclear Winter Vol 2 #Deathpanel Unveiled at Sole’s site HERE…

Kay The Aquanaut ft. Sole – Kill You (HALO Remix)

Remix I did recently of one of my favorite tracks off Kay The Aquanaut’s new album Waterloo on Circle Into Square for the Kill You Remix Contest (still waiting on the official results…) and it came out kinda dope.  Enjoy!

Random Video Pick…

Bom, Bom, Bom, Bom…for Fieevve Hours Straaiiight.



MEGA Ruff Mix Monday!!!

Yo YO!!!  It’s already Monday in Berlin, I am coming the end of the HALO TAKES EUROPE TOUR and it has been a wild ride for sure.  All gigs were rocked proper, even under less than perfect conditions in some cases…Not gonna bore you with a tons of shout outs and ish like that, the peeps I met and rocked with were amazing and I hope to return the favor in the US as well as be back out for some one offs soon.  Basically lived the counter-culture DIY rockstar life for about 30 days; wake up around 12, walk around see some cool cultural stuff, put up MASSIVE amounts of stickers (check the few flicks below), made a few beats and a remix (also included below), bought some select records, hit the club to rock or check out other DJs, dance all night and got in at about 4-6am to do it over again.  AHHHMAZING times!!!  Check it…



Sage Francis – Slow Down Ghandi (HALO Remix)

A remix I did actually right before I left, it’s pretty good and already got a comment from the homie JayLaSoul (Whuttup Foo!!!).  I have just always loved the track and wanted to have my take on it.  Still kinda in progress, but for now this is it.  Oh yeah, the artwork was done (Dunn?) by me as well…yeah, yeah, multi talented, thanks…ENJOY!!!!

Serengeti ft. Sun Doobie & Vast Aire (???) – I Getz (HALO Remix)

Just a quickie remix I did while on the road…needs alot of work but it’s a good start at least.  Geti, Sun Doobie and I think Vast Aire…not sure though.  The stems were not really labeled well.  ENJOY!!!

This is what Tour Looks Like; Amsterdam

CLowN MonKeYs!!! Paris

So that’s just a bit of the Flavors of what I saw on the road in Europa Europa, if you click the pictures you can check the full album on FB.  Be sure to check back this week as I will be BANGING out many new tracks and other whatnots as it seems I will be snowed in for at least one day.  Out of the pan and into the FIRE…errr…I guess ICE is more appropriate.