Whuttup Wednesday!

It’s hump day and like all weeks, you are close enough to the weekend to taste it, but far enough away to be at the bottom of your dispair about never getting there.  Buck up, here’s some items that should help get you through…we can do this, together (cue sappy/inspirational music in 3…2…1).

Corina Corina ‘O.D. Love’ (Deto-22 Remix)

Hot off the griddle from BK songstress Corina Corina and remixed by 1/4 of CT’s Phenetiks Crew, Deto-22.  I wouldn’t sleep if I were you…

Paper Tiger – The Sting feat Homeboy Sandman

New heater from Paper Tiger of the UK, not Doomtree’s Brooklyn Transplant (shouts to E. Lit on the correction; check dude’s blog.  Got some really insightful reviews in there) featuring NYC’s Stones Throw representative Homeboy Sandman; 7″ out on 5/13 via UK based Wah Wah 45’s which is a great little label out there is you are unfamiliar.

and for my electro heads…

Aesop Rock ‘Harbor is Yours’ (HALO Remix)

Harbor is Yours Remix Cover

Finally making music again, so I thought I’d share this pretty dark take on Aesop Rock’s “Harbor is Yours” one of my favorite tracks of his seminal album ‘None Shall Pass’. Enjoy, and if you are in the Bay area at all this saturday you might want to check me out spinning the jams all night at The Legionnaire Saloon and check the flyer as it came out pretty awesome, my comic nerds will know you that uber hot chick is. Word.


For more info check out the FACEBOOK INVITE

2 thoughts on “Whuttup Wednesday!

    1. Thanks for the due diligence homie; made the corrections now. MMMM…that’s goooood web community-ing!

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