Get Down Tuesday

Got a couple of fun things for you today along with info on my inaugural DJ night in Oakland tonight.  Hooray!

Ear Peace Records in Berkeley, CA


Had a chance to rock there this past Friday with the homie Esh The Monolith and it was a BLAST!  These dudes are def on top of the art and gallery game: tons of great pieces from rotating artists about once a month, paint, markers and ink.  In addition to that they have a small but well curated LP and CD section that I had to step away from as I would have dropped DOUGH at the spot.  Check them on the interwebs or on Facebook.  Word.

Esh The Monolith & Arc – Nightworks EP


The EP has been out for a minute but I thought you should check the song, if you haven’t already, that I inspired called Werewolves Anonymous.  Shouts to ESH & ARC.

TONIGHT @ The Legionnaire Saloon in Oakland, CA!


I’ll be doing the damn thing for my 1st DJ set in downtown Oakland since relocating!  9:30 to close; come out for good music, vibes, friendly service and draaaanks.  Start your week with a BANG.  For more info check the Facebooks for the invite (yes, you are invited!) HERE.  If you are unfamiliar with the Legionnaire, it’s the new pub owned and operated by none other than Zack Turner, AKA Prozack Turner of Foreign Legion fame so you know they know how to get down.

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