Bandcamp Bananas…

Yo.  How’d the week go?  Good, Bad, Ugly?  Well no worries, here’s some music to forget your troubles before you sweat it out tonight at the cluuuub (poppin’ bottles and such is usually how it goes right?).

Fameless Fam – Eat Fly II

New newness from my Boston/Providence/Brooklyn homies who have been doing their thing for a long time now; great compilation of tracks here featuring some great talent.  Didn’t know that dude was down with Fameless Fam?  Well get involved!

Shouts to Emoh Betta, F.Virtue, Falside & Juan Duce

Sole – My Veganisim (Produced by Cars & Trains)

New track from Sole produced by portland super producer Cars & Trains off his newest effort No Wishing Up No Settling Down

Don’t Know Cars & Trains?  Tisk, Tisk…

J La Soul – Departure

This dude has been a talented individual for a long time.  He is finally getting back to the beats: sample laced, jazzy grooves, real deal golden era ish.  Take a listen and get involved.



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