Whuttup Wednesday!

Hiyoooo!!!  Still recovering from SXSW and for those who were at the parties I rocked (Indie Showcase and Fake Four Showcase!) as well as just in Austin in general you know how majickal it was...Nuff said.  I want to give a HUGE shout out to my brother from another mother HW for being my co-pilot … Continue reading Whuttup Wednesday!

Ruff Mix Monday…on Tuesday

Whuttup!!!  Alot of projects bubbling in the halodoesntsuck labs, will be in Buffalo the first part of the week to teach the yungins about the rap, self esteem and all that jazz...Holler!!!  This week's Ruff Mix is a video I made for a HILARIOUS track off the Party Fun Action Committee album 'Let's Get Serious'.  … Continue reading Ruff Mix Monday…on Tuesday

Rough Mix Mondays!!!

Hey Hey!!!  SO this weekend was great!  DJing, Snowboarding, hanging out till 12:30pm...it was all there.  I'll be updating the Live show calendar this week and posting the flyer for my new Friday night i'm doing, posting my first two EXPANDED top 40 podcasts AND Subways & Sidewalks podcast...so stay tuned for that, exciting times … Continue reading Rough Mix Mondays!!!