Ruff Mix Mondays and Site Relaunch News!!!

  HOLY C-R#P!!!  Yeah Yeah Yeah it's been a while since I posted here; life has really been getting in the way BIGTIME, but I have also been taking this time to rethink the site and where it is going...hmmmm.  So I am going to post these couple of mixes a give you a site … Continue reading Ruff Mix Mondays and Site Relaunch News!!!

Whuttup Wednesday; Gone Fishing…

Holler!!!!  Hey, your humble narrator has had some mad hectical times and been on the road since last week so I have been slacking like whut in getting new and interesting posts up...September will be exciting times in the halodoesntsuck labs!!! Be back in full effect next week with a new Ruff Mix, Artists of … Continue reading Whuttup Wednesday; Gone Fishing…

Ruff Mix Monday…on Tuesday

Whuttup!!!  Alot of projects bubbling in the halodoesntsuck labs, will be in Buffalo the first part of the week to teach the yungins about the rap, self esteem and all that jazz...Holler!!!  This week's Ruff Mix is a video I made for a HILARIOUS track off the Party Fun Action Committee album 'Let's Get Serious'.  … Continue reading Ruff Mix Monday…on Tuesday

Ruff Mix Mondays…in the Zero Hour!!!

YOOOOO!!!  I have been hard at work today but couldn't forget to post some nonsense, even if it is in the eleventh hour (quite literally).  Sooo, let get down to it shall we???  I got a few cool things happening this week as well as some promo for the homies... I will be up in … Continue reading Ruff Mix Mondays…in the Zero Hour!!!

Ruff Mix Mondays!!!

Hey, Hey!!!  So Christmas is just around the corner...and I had plannned to get a Christmas themed mix up for today, but with the snowstorm and being stuck in NYC till yesterday afternoon I didn't have the time to get it done yet.  SOOOO hear's some more Bmore/Electro goodness for you...Enjoy!!! So this was my … Continue reading Ruff Mix Mondays!!!