Ruff Mix Mondays…in the Zero Hour!!!

YOOOOO!!!  I have been hard at work today but couldn’t forget to post some nonsense, even if it is in the eleventh hour (quite literally).  Sooo, let get down to it shall we???  I got a few cool things happening this week as well as some promo for the homies…

I will be up in Boston on Wednesday and hoping to do and instore at my homie’s tattoo shop in the day, so stay tuned for that.  Friday marks the official first date of HOLLA!!! and Loud Pipes @ Karma with DJ Anubus & myself getting loose on two floors (upstairs for funky goodness and down for Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dance) with a late nite happy hour of $3 pints (in NYC??? Fo’ Reeeeel??? yes, fo’ reeel).  BTW check Anubus’ site if you haven’t done so click the flyer below or his name above…totally worth the time!!!

So that’s a big deal right???  Hope to see everyone of you out there on Friday cause I am on this promo mix craze and the first 25 heads in the basement get a free 45min promo mix by yours true, just for walking into a bar, FOR FREE…could life get any sweeter???

Now As you know, the fine peeps @ are good homies of mine and they are having an official release party for the “Bohemian Rap CD” @ Bowery Poetry Club this Thursday starting @ 10pm!!!  Here’s the skinny…

Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bower, New York, NY 10012
Cost: $8
Solo sets from each Bohemian Rap CD crew member, PLUS a live performance of Bohemian Rap CD! Featuring Jake Lefco, Ryan-O’Neil, illspokinn, Kats and Domer.

It gonna be awesometown to the tenth power!!!

Now on to the Ruff Mix Portion of my usual Monday Post…So I made a a gang of beats this Sunday, starting right when I got home from DJing on Saturday…here are the three best.  Check them out and feel free to post a comment on how you like them, really…I don’t take critique to the heart.  I have tons of other stuff for that…taking to the heart I mean.

Bass! How Low Can You Go...

Banjo Bananas 2.1


So that About does it for this week’s Ruff Mix Mondays, now on Tuesday (dammmmit!!! I am ALWAYS LATE). Word!

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