Friday Treat!!!

Wassup Wassup!!!  Wassup, Wassup ,Wassuuuup…After starting my Thursday at the crack of dawnin’ (seriously 5am) to rock an event in Peekskill for the History of The Word (biggup to the homie Dyalekt for putting me on!!!) I have been in the lab damn near all day doing this, that and the other…So why not put up a post chock-a-block full of goodies for your weekend???  Sounds good right?  Riiiight…

I have updated both the Morning Show Archive & Six Feet Deep Archive sections with my two most recent shows from this past week which includes both a tribute to the late great Keith Elam (GURU) and an interview with the homie Yung Mars to talk about his new album ‘Santa Cruz or Bust’.

Lastly I here is an interview I got from CT’s own Apathy talking about his album ‘Eastern Philosophy’ back stage at his release party (hilariously story…I just kinda wandered into the green room before the show and was like, ‘hey I got a flash recorder, let’s do it this!’) back in 2006.  Click the image below or the link HERE to check it out!!!

Well that about does it for me.  Biggups to the sites that have picked up my 45 min Promo Mix for Kitchen Sink (Adam’s World Blog & Rapreviews) which you can grab yourself a copy by clicking HERE…Next week will be another banger so stay up!!!

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