Tuesday is Recycling Day and I Loooove Recycling…

Jumpin’ Jesus on a pogo stick everyone knows a Burrow Owl lives in a hole in the ground…why the hell do you think they call it a Burrow Owl???!!!  So I hope all have peeped the Promo Mix I did for Good Life, response has been great thus far, but if you haven’t grabbed it cop it HERE

We have lost another souljah and one of NYC’s finest to spit, Guru (aka Keith Elam) has passed.  Tune into Six Feet Deep tonight 3-6am on WPKN89.5/88.7, wpkn.org, or iTunes Radio for a special Guru Dedication set chock full of Gang Starr, Jazzmatazz, and other great Guru moments…RIP GURU!!!!

This week’s Artist of the Week is a true underground head and legend in her own right…Helixx C. Armageddon!!!  I recall the first i heard of her was from a drop she did on the Total Eclipse mix back in 1998…and was a fan of the Anomalies ever since.  Thanks to the folks at Adam’s World Blog for letting me consistently jack content for my site…you rock more that baking soda and cocaine!!!

I’ll admit it, I was a little late jumping on the Helixx C. Armageddon bandwagon. Although I first caught a taste of her work on the 2001 Fat Beats compilation album, where she had the song “My Time,” it was her guest appearance on her brother Loj’s 2007 album, No Labels, on the song “365,” that gave her name, and her style, a permanent place in my head. Hip-hop is definitely a family thing when it comes to the siblings, as Helixx notes “I paved the way as the eldest, but he brought the fireworks when he began his journey.”
Getting her start at a young age, back in 1995 Helixx co-founded the Anomolies, an all-female hip-hop collective that also includes DJ Kuttin Kandi, Invincible, Pri the Honeydark and Big Tara. Since then she’s made her voice heard on a plethora of albums alongside everyone from the X-Ecutioners, to Dead Prez, and her independent single, “Blacklisted,” which featured Jise from the Arsonists, was dubbed the #1 hip-hop song for the summer of 1999 by Time Magazine.
Helixx’s latest single, “Kicks Talk For Me,” is off of the Know You Got SOLE soundtrack, and with this month being the Season of Sole here at Adam’s Wold, I caught up with her to find out more about her love of kicks, the ways in which her relationship with hip-hop is a true relationship in every sense of the word, and the subject she feels she deserves a PhD in.

For Full Article check Adam’s World Blog

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