Rough Mix Mondays Freedom Edition!!!

WOW!!!  Americans doooo love blowing stuff up don't we???  Even our animals do!!!  My dog got so excited at the sight of fireworks he peed EVERYWHERE (thankfully it was on the porch...whew!).  So I hope all celebrated the birth of our fine (to some) nation in traditional fashion of gluttony and explosions of some kind... … Continue reading Rough Mix Mondays Freedom Edition!!!

Ruff Mix Mondays…in the Zero Hour!!!

YOOOOO!!!  I have been hard at work today but couldn't forget to post some nonsense, even if it is in the eleventh hour (quite literally).  Sooo, let get down to it shall we???  I got a few cool things happening this week as well as some promo for the homies... I will be up in … Continue reading Ruff Mix Mondays…in the Zero Hour!!!

Ruff Mix Mondays!!!

YOOOOO!!!!  So I just happened to make a gang of beats this sunday (which was a waste of a day otherwise, holed up in my studio) so here they are!!!  Feel free to comment or share with EVERYONE if you are so inclined...Enjoy!!!  Click on the picture or the link here to download.