Whuttup Wednesday!!!

Hey Hey!!!  Still no real sleep yet but it’s all good…will be up in Boston tonight to kick it with my peoples and get some BIZ done…Today is chock-a-block full of goodness!!!  Artist of the Week (yeah, yeah it’s late in know…get off my back MOM), interviews and general cool stuff…peep game fool!!!

This week’s Artist of the Week is Taajwar, so swell of the peeps at Adam’s World Blog to let me jack content and not even on time usually (my life is quite sporadic at best…whaddaya, whaddaya)!!!  Come ooooonnnn Down!!!

The Season of Sole comes to a close this week, and for the fourth and final feature in the series I’m bringing you an emcee whose kick game is just as sick as his lyrical one. His name is Taajwar and his song on the Know You Got SOLE soundtrack, titled “Kick Game Sick,” is no joke. A Crown Heights, Brooklyn, native who’s experience on the mic dates back well over a decade, and even includes recording at Chuck D’s home, Taajwar is just as serious about his music as he is his sneakers. In fact, it’s his love of hip-hop that keeps him rhyming, as he explains “once I started seeing it devolve I had to do something, cuz if we don’t steer the course of our own music its gonna change into something that we hate instead of something that we love and built.”
Taajwar has built something great with his music, and this week I caught up with him to find out more about what he’s done over the years, including the boost he received from his brother, how he’s looking to pay it forward, and the delivery he hopes to get from Nike Chairman Phil Knight.  For full article click the image or link HERE…


I had a chance to sit down with the homies in Grand Buffet waaaay back in 2006 when they had released the ‘Five Years of Fireworks’ compilation of their best works to date at that time.  I got this interview when they were ‘opening’ for Cage at a free show @ Central Connecticut State University…the sound system had caught on fire and it was a hilarious set up to get an interview in.  The zip comes with album art, the interview, and two of my favorite tracks from this hilarious ‘rap’ duo…To download, click the cover above or the link HERE…

Magnets…How the F*ck do they Work???  Hilarious Video Alert!!!

I just thought this video was tooo good to go to waste.  SAY WORD…

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