Ruff Mix Monday…on Tuesday

Whuttup!!!  Alot of projects bubbling in the halodoesntsuck labs, will be in Buffalo the first part of the week to teach the yungins about the rap, self esteem and all that jazz…Holler!!!  This week’s Ruff Mix is a video I made for a HILARIOUS track off the Party Fun Action Committee album ‘Let’s Get Serious’.  If you are scratching your head like, “What the dunk is this cat talking about??? Jive Ass Mofo…” then check the link to learn more…

Party Fun Action Committee

The short of it is; this project was a joke project produced by Blockhead and it just happend to get put out by Def Jux back at the start of the label…See!  Rap can have a sense of humor too…Check the video and get at me about your sore abs from laughing.

For good measure here is another track from the album as well…Atoms Family anyone???  Plus the kid with the hoodie in the picture, dead up, could have been me 10 years ago…

Finally for all you Bostonites…

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