Tuesday is Recycling Day and I Loooove Recycling!!!

PUNK ROCK!!!! Was feeling a bit down today doing my Morning Show on WPKN, finished strong with a punk rock set of Rancid, NOFX, Op Ivy, Bad Religion and am feeling much better…something about spring and punk rock are like Paddington and Marmalade, they just go together.  So before I get into the Artist of the Week, peep this video of my favorite Bad Religion song of all time…American Jesus (as me for what the song means sometime…Holler!)

And for good measure…Blatz…

OK, Ok, ok…now that you have been all amped up from those two videos, let’s get into the Artist of the Week, Premonition!!!

The first time I heard Premonition was the remix to “Double Time” that was on the Spills & Jesse Abraham album Alphabutter. The song featured half a dozen of NY’s finest and when Premonition’s verse came on my initial reaction was “damn, who’s the dude with the deep-ass voice of God?” Then I started listening to his lyrics and thought “damn, the voice of God has some serious skills!” Over the next few months I’d run into Premonition at a number of shows and find that in addition to being able to shine on a track he can also rock a mic live. A truly passionate emcee, this week I caught up with Premonition to find out more about that passion, who’s going to end up on his future tour bus, and his strange connection with comedian Judah Freidlander.  For Full Article click the link to Adam’s World Blog HERE…

That’s all for now…Don’t forget to check the Live Dates section for a show I will be doing this Friday in Danbury CT for a great cause (I am donating more than my $5, you should too), the Bisco Smith interview (click the link to download) I posted yesterday aaaaand the updated Six Feet Deep & Morning Show pages.

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