Ruff Mix Mondays!!!

Ha-lo, ha-lo, ha-lo…how was the weekend???  Swellmaticalicious???  I hope soooo…Today I don’t have a music project for you, buuut it is a very well produced interview I got from the homie Bisco Smith @ SXSW and is the first part of a Series I will be posting here as well as broadcasting on my Morning Show on WPKN.  I call it “SXSW; collected interviews from the Dirty Dirty”.  I will be posting them regularly on Wednesdays, buuuut since I didn’t have any production stuff to post this week…here we are 2 days early for the first segment.   I am a poor planner, what can I say…simply click the photo below or the link HERE to download.

Interview Comes Chok-A-Blok with goodies; copy of the interview, two tracks off ‘The Broadcast’ (Freshwater & Morning Breath LeParisite Rmx), JPEGs of the visual art associated with ‘The Broadcast’ aaaaand a picture of my ugly mug interviewing Bisco.  All…FO’ FREE!!!  It that doesn’t get you excited, I suggest you check you pulse…you may be deceased.  Also!!!  Peep one of the videos (Morning Breath) that are posted on the front page of Bisco’s Site, it was shot on location @ WPKN for much of it and produced by the good homies @ Lasek X Video Production…Peep Game…

Lastly, I have updated the Six Feet Deep and Morning Show pages with easily digestible 50-60 min segments of both shows for all of April and the first week of May.  Peep a few random segments for you download pleasure, simply click the link and you’re off and running!!!  Again, it’s all FOR FREE so take a chance and hear something amazing…it could change your life (seriously, I am not kidding about that).

Morning Show 4.27.10 Hour 3

Six Feet Deep 4.7.10 Hour 2

Morning Show 4.6.10 Hour 3

Six Feet Deep 4.14.10 Hour 3

Morning Show 4.13.10 Hour 2

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