Whuttup Wednesday!!!

Sup, Sup, SUUUUUPPPP!!!  Yeah, so I am super freaking amped about three things today 1) the amazing Subways & Sidewalks Podcast that I made with godAwful yesterday, 2) Rocking in Boston tonight @ Good Life Bar and finally 3) taking my new MacBook Pro Laptop out for it’s club debut (it’s gonna be tiiiiiightsauce to the maxxx).   I got a full day planned today so I don’t really have much time to gabbb it up with ya (well damn, I had no idea it meant that much to you…tomorrow I swear.  Cool???  Great!!).  Without further pomp and circumstance here’s the Brand New SUBWAYS & SIDEWALKS Podcast ft. godAwful…Click the cover art below or the link to download…

Subways and Sidewalks Episode #1; godAwful Music and Much More!!!

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