Halodoesntsuck Site Relaunch!

Happy Birthday America!!! So the site has been remixed (literally just in time) and overhauled totally to make way for exciting new additions that I am sure to get slacking on updating immediately.  First thing's first I updated all the pages content so you can get a better idea of what I have been up … Continue reading Halodoesntsuck Site Relaunch!

Ruff Mix Mondays and Site Relaunch News!!!

  HOLY C-R#P!!!  Yeah Yeah Yeah it's been a while since I posted here; life has really been getting in the way BIGTIME, but I have also been taking this time to rethink the site and where it is going...hmmmm.  So I am going to post these couple of mixes a give you a site … Continue reading Ruff Mix Mondays and Site Relaunch News!!!