Ruff Mix Mondays and Site Relaunch News!!!


HOLY C-R#P!!!  Yeah Yeah Yeah it’s been a while since I posted here; life has really been getting in the way BIGTIME, but I have also been taking this time to rethink the site and where it is going…hmmmm.  So I am going to post these couple of mixes a give you a site news update and bounce for a while.  There’s still a TON of great content on here to go through so feel free to check the other pages out, the archive, and other whatknots till I relaunch on July 4th.


As I mentioned before life has really be getting all up in my ass, so following the wise advice of ATCQ, I decided to work it out and will be relaunching on July 4th with a ton of changes and other modifications that I think will really make the site more enjoyable for you (not that it isn’t super great as is, but you gotta grow and all that hippie wisdom nonsense).


Here are a bunch of newer mixes I have done that are in my usual ‘hit record and see what happens’ style…


I mix I did as a teaser for a Party my homies threw in NJ; hence the name.  Click the Cover or Link above to Download…


A new live show I do every Saturday afternoon from 2-4pm (yup, PM!!!) on, in addition to my show there’s a slew of other great shows on there from DJs all over the world!  I would highly advise checking out the site and schedule to peep some of the great talent on that station…BIGGUP to the WabberJocky for putting it all together!!!  Click the Cover art or Link above to Download…


A mix I did to augment a prize pack I gave away as part of the ‘Decon Records Back Catalog Contest’ in conjunction with my Morning Show on WPKN.  It’s a tracked out zip file (yeah I got all fancy pants with this mix) that contains the tracks, all the metadata and the cover art…pretty sweeet!  Click the Cover art or Link above to Download…

Here There Be Dragons…

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