Thugg Thursday!!!

Happy New Yeahhhhh!!!  Let’s welcome the year of total annihilation (if you believe all the 2012 hype; unlikely at best really) with open arms and kiss it all goodbye with some great music for my first post of 2012 courtesy of myself, the fellas at Basserk and Scion A/V.  Sounds pretty good; if you are gonna go out you might as well have a good soundtrack right?  Niiiice…

Kitchen Sink #17

My first live set of 2012 on and it was chock full of bangers I have recently gotten in my endless, relentless blog search for the perfect beat.  Thanks alot Soul Sonic Force for putting me on thaaat quest!  If you are unaware, you can check me out every Saturday afternoon spinning live (usually) from 2-4pm on

Bronstibock ‘The Edge’ Remix Contest

I have entered yet another remix contest and will undoubtedly lose as per the usual, but at least it’s good motivation to finish tracks in a timely fashion.  This one is brought to you by the fellas Bronstibock; who I had the pleasure of rocking with when I was out in Amsterdam on my Euro tour last January, as well as being taken good care of by their label Basserk.  Below is my submission to the contest and feel free to click the art above to grab the stems for yourself to enter or check out the competition’s entries (some BANGERS in there!).

Skream & Benga EP 

Brand new music from english dubstep royalty  Benga & Skream brought to you by the fine folks over at Scion A/V…BANGING from front to back!  I would highly recommend clicking the link above to check it out.

Thugg Thursday…

YO!  Dunno why but, I am posting a GANG of old videos today…all old school stuff 90’s and such (yeah, yeah I know it’s been done a million times) and it’s not to say that I wish the rap that came out now was like this, but more that these tracks remind me of goods times and days past…and frankly that’s ok to do as long as you are moving forward in your musical tastes as well.  I always was suspicious of kids my age who said they only listen to ‘Classic Rock’, by the same token I am equally suspicious of cats who say they only rock ‘Golden Era’ hip-hop.  Not to say the music isn’t great and all that but, the scope is a bit limited…Naw Mean, Naw’m Saying, Naw Mean, Nahh, Nahh.  So let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember the good times, but keep moving into the future, there’s a whole wide world of music yet to be discovered…

Funkmaster Flex ft. NINE – 6Million Ways to Die

CLASSIC Funk Flex joint…YAAA HEARRRDDDD!!!  All kidding aside about his farcical behavior on NY’s #1 for Hip-Hop and R&B, Flex paid his dues and was part of the beginnings of NY Hip-Hop so you can’t really knock him too much no matter how silly he gets these days on air (which when he is on, dude is EN FUEGO…still).  This was the first time I had ever heard NINE on a record as well and was blown away by him, then obviously I heard “My name up in lights N-I-N-E…” and it was a wrap, a fan was made.  Heard he’s actually recording new stuff, I’ll keep you posted on that…

Dr. Doom (not Kool Keith), Aceyalone & Lady Blue – What Means Something

Another straight thrilla from the crates…off the Massmen album …Estuary and it was a banger, whew there’s a bunch of dope jams on this one!  Early west coast underground flavors, I first heard this track when I showed up back at my crib in college drunk as hell and my roommate at the time (also a DJ and much more skilled than me, curse you) had just come back from record shopping with his homie and had copped this.  The minute I heard the beat…instant classic in my mind.

Awol One – Sleeping All Day

Yeah, this song rules…reminds me of 6-8 hours cutting sessions back on Carman Ave (if you know, you know).  Probably the most creative song I had ever heard at that time, with the Kool Keith & 2Mex guest spot on the same 12″ (NME), which I heard from Awol 2Mex wasn’t the original guest on the track.  Ohh music industry, when will you cease to amaze me?

GZA ft. Method Man, Ghostface Killah, RZA & Killah Priest – Shadowboxing/4th Chamber

I cannot stress how classic these songs are…many a sketchy winter graff mission this was the soundtrack to.  I would consider this the APEX of Wu Tang Clan before they broke my heart with ‘Wu Tang Forever’ (and I have never really been a fan since, it hurt that bad).  Have an original copy of the Geffen 12″ of this song that I will probably be buried or cremated with; it’s like that!

Atmosphere – Woman With The Tattooed Hands

I am presently working (failing) on a remix of this song and it reminded me of just how powerful some songs are and how they might never be able to be done differently.  This was, along with ‘Nothing But Sunshine’, the first round of tracks that caught my ear from Atmosphere and it was a wrap from then.  Classic EMO rap from the beginnings…

Don’t ask me why I randomly got all nostalgialated (I make up words alot, sue me) for no damn reason, even gave you a little history on me with ref to the tracks above.  I guess it all came from going through som records recently and just thinking about when rap was sooooo…exciting to me.   Sadly it is not that way anymore (mostly) and the last genre that excited me this way was the new style of Electro House (ala Fool’s Gold Recs, Ed Banger, Basserk), which I still consider to be the illest dance format ever. But now, even that is not new and shiny to me and I just hope that I can look forward to being excited again about music like these songs made me feel.  I am pretty sure I will be…

Halodoesntsuck Site Relaunch!

Happy Birthday America!!!

So the site has been remixed (literally just in time) and overhauled totally to make way for exciting new additions that I am sure to get slacking on updating immediately.  First thing’s first I updated all the pages content so you can get a better idea of what I have been up to in the Live Events page, see AND hear all my newest remixes and tracks in the Producer & Remixer page.  I spiffed up the Official Releases, Free Mixes and  Podcasts page as well as condensed my Broadcast Show Archive to just one handy dandy page (no more blah show archive and this show archive) with sweet title headers for easy navigation.  I changed much general aesthetic (why you gotta get all aestheticamalogical on me son?) of the site as well: new banner, fonts, background, etc.  Lastly, and this is the biggest deal, I will start posting other people’s music on my site on a regular basis along with periodic album reviews (really this time not like when I started the site and ‘said’ I would).  Please always feel free to comment on it!  I think that’s about it for the overhaul news, thanks for checking the updated site and if you have any questions or whatnot <holler.@.your.boy>, you know where I beez.

New Ish for Your Earhole…

Hear is the first installment of other cats music on my site.  This post is HUGE with something for everyone (well maybe not everyone; I don’t have country or jungle or symphonic music, but thanks for bringing it up…jerk) but, I will try to be posting 3-4 new tunes a week from now one.  Up this week is tracks from Last Child, Dirty Vegas, Justice, Co$$, Hess is More, SBTRKT and more.  Please click all the links an support these labels and artists.  Peep game fool!

Last Child – Last Child Speaks

From the Amazing ‘Humble and Low’ EP which was recorded in early 2000’s but shelved until now.  I remember to homie Haiku in Chicago playing it for me on tour about 4 years ago and being blown away by the incredibly poignant, forcful, and ultimately depressed his lyrics were.  A TRU throwback to a bygone era in Hip-Hop history (ala Funcrusher Plus, Cannibal Ox, The Lucy Ford, etc.) where dusty breaks and well penned lyrics met on the regular.  RIP Last Child.  Available @, be on the looks for the G4 edition of Subways & Sidewalks verrrrry soon!

Dirty Vegas – Little White Doves (Penguin Prison Remix)

Disco flavored remix of the track from the stellar new LP from Dirty Vegas ‘Electric Love’ out now on OM Records.

Hess Is More – Creation Keeps the Devil Away (Piano Version)

Alt version of the fantastic new track by Hess is More. Downtempo funkiness for sure, great early evening track. Single out now on Nublu.

Co$$ – Spaceman

Voted ‘Most Underrated LA Rapper’ by the LA Times, Co$$ has been making a name for himself for a while now.  Title title track from the 12″ EP is full of analytical flows over jazzy piano loops with a little twist to give it that West Coast flavor.

Justice – Civilization (Radio Edit)

The label that put this out wasn’t lying, it is a BANGER!  Gritty bass pop for your Q Zone…New album will be out later in 2011 on Ed Banger.

SBTRK – Wildfire

Jump off track from SBTRKT’s debut LP and it’s goooood!  This one has been burning up my broadcast shows since I got it in the mail.  Out now on Young Turks and you can peep SBTRKT’s site for more audio as well

Monopunk – Expo Warning (G-Dub remix)

Brand new track from stellar DJ/Producer from Scotland on Electro/Dubstep label from Amsterdam, Basserk.  Really bouncey drums with that gritty synth you know and love.   I just happened to have recently done a Podcast for the fellas as well which you can check out HERE…

Cassettes Won’t Listen – The Echoes

New track from the BK now LA Transplant homie.  Great music, plain and simple…taking that producer based indie rock to the next level.  Also check the new collective he has formed with long time friend and collaborator Bisco Smith called Daylight Curfew as well as their group called The Freeze Tag.  Be on the looks for The Freeze Tag Subways & Sidewalks coming out soon!

Lastly, I will be periodically posting videos that I am feeling or are throwbacks to my youth or whatever, it’s not going to be a regular thing just an add on to my site post every so often…This video is HILARIOUS, old skool MTV from the liquid television days (I still have the VHS compilation).  Peace to my sister Rikki (who is a really stellar photographer and blogger) who found this video in the wilderness that is YouTube.  Enjoy!